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May 1 barbecue

May 1 barbecue

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Put in a small bowl (enough to contain the meat) all the ingredients of the marinade (without wine) Mix. Add the meat and mix well. Put enough wine to cover the meat. Cover the bowl and leave for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.

Place the meat on the grill, taking care to drain it a little beforehand. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Serve with mashed potatoes or puree and a sorrel salad with baby spinach.

All about grilled pork

Steaks from the back of the neck, chop or pork tenderloin - these are the pieces of pork that are especially popular on the grill, especially for those who are new to cooking. This is because, unlike beef or lamb, pork is grilled because it forgives some mistakes, such as if it is not turned over too often.

For grilling, pork should in principle have a pinkish-red color and a marbled structure - so it is lined with fat. This will remain juicy after grilling. Here are the things you need to pay attention to.

5 tips to make your summer barbecue healthier

The barbecue season has begun, but that doesn't mean you can replace light meals with heavy, over-the-counter meats. Try to keep a balance. Here are some tips in this regard.

1. Buy quality meat
First of all, try not to eat meat several times a day, but at one meal. Then, make sure it is a quality one, bought from a reliable source.
From time to time, opt for a vegetable protein alternative: vegetable burgers from beans, mushrooms, lentils, falafel, fatty fish, tofu are some healthy options.

2. Do not burn meat
If overcooked, grilled meat can become dangerous to health. This is due to two substances that form at a very high temperature, such as that of the hot grill: heterocyclic amines (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH), which are formed when the fat in the meat drains and burns on the grill, causing smoke. .

3. Also includes vegetables
The grill is also perfect for fresh vegetables: peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, onions, radicchio and others. To make sure you eat them in addition to meat, prepare kebabs. See also 10 fruits and vegetables to put on the grill this summer.

4. Try the grilled fruits
Not only meat and vegetables are delicious grilled. You can get a delicious dessert very easily if you bake your favorite grilled fruits - the sugar in them is caramelized and the result is unforgettable. Here are some fruits you can use and some tricks to get the perfect dessert from them.

5. Do not overdo it with alcohol
When grilling, it is very easy to consume a lot of calories, especially if you drink beer after beer. To keep your weight under control, alternate the glass of beer with one of mineral or plain water. Thus, you will be hydrated and you will feel fresh.

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At Dinescu's barbecue: competition, at the end of the year, between TVR 1 morning shows

It mixes the energy, humor and good mood of the mornings from "With the head at dawn" with the culinary inventiveness of Mircea Dinescu and the music of Constantin Lătărețu, plus some recipes inspired for New Year's Eve & # 8230 The result is a special edition "Politics and delicacies" , which we see on TVR 1, on December 27, from 2.30 pm.

As usual, Mircea Dinescu celebrates at "Politics and delicacies" with nice guests, interesting recipes and indispensable fiddlers, and the December 27 edition has them all.

If last year the poet prepared the New Year's Eve meal together with some of the actors from Las Fierbinți, organized in three teams, this year the idea of ​​the teams remained valid, and the guests are the presenters of the TVR 1 morning show, "Cu cabeza-n zori". Like last year, the show takes place outside, where the grill smokes, and those responsible for the music and goodwill are Constantin Lătărețu together with his accordionist.

Bianca Patrichi, professor of ballet and contemporary dance choreographer and Mircea Dinescu form the blue team, Angie Cobuț, chef and Mădălina Manole, astrologer, make up the red team, and Liza and Fere lead the yellow team to the heights of culinary glory. The same daring ingredients were prepared for the six daredevils: tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, sausages, chops, ribs and lures. But there are also the secret ingredients, meant to enrich the prepared recipes and to confuse the less skilled: pomegranate, avocado and already traditional orange.

We do not reveal who prepares the most appetizing plate, who sings and dances the best, nor what the guests of the edition thought were the lures, but we promise that an honorable party is prepared, to which you are all invited, Sunday, December 27, by at 2.30 pm, on TVR 1! Imagine the energy, humor and good mood of those from the morning "With the head at dawn", combined with the culinary inventiveness with which Mircea Dinescu accustomed us and with the music of Constantin Lătărețu, plus some inspired recipes for the New Year's Eve meal. 8230 What could be more suitable for a festive afternoon & # 8230 than a special edition 'Politics and delicacies'!

May 1, Labor Day. The little boy's story

Although they are considered a Romanian specialty, the little ones are played by Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Turkey. The story of the little one that the Romanians have been serving since May 1 has its origins somewhere in the 19th century, in the Balkans.

However, the Romanian legend says that the little ones were invented in the 19th century, one evening, at the La Iordachi inn in Bucharest, well known for its sausages. More precisely, in the historic center of Bucharest, in 1957, the restaurant was opened that came to invent the little ones, but also to turn this dish into a very popular one.

One day, Iordache Ionescu ran out of meat for his sausages, his clients' favorite dish. However, he was inspired and put the meat directly on the grill. That's how the little ones came about.

Moghazehi Mehrzad, one of the culinary enthusiasts, says that the little one is actually a kebap, prepared with the help of many spices and aromatic herbs. & # 8222The original recipe for small includes cumin and allspice, spices used very often by the Turks, being adapted by each area according to the tastes and culinary habits & # 8220, he states. Thus, the famous dish has a history of over four centuries.

Nowadays, little ones are just as popular. Not only the little ones, but also the big ones, as the ones sold on the Black Hill were called. Thus, almost all those who cross the DN7, the road that connects Pitești with Râmnicu Vâlcea, stop in Dedulești, to eat & # 8220un mic mare & # 8221. Every day, between 1,500 and 2,000 little ones are sold here.

Mihaela Rădulescu heated the grill. Family fun May 1 for the diva from Monaco

Mihaela Rădulescu has been living in Monaco for a long time, where she lives with her son, Ayan, from the marriage she had with the businessman Elan Schwarzenberg.

Coming to the country on Friday, April 28, to appear live on the show Romanians have talent, from Pro TV, the diva from Monaco stayed in the country, but being that on Monday, May 1, she presents, also live, the show Look who dances , from the same television station.

The star, who is a couple with the Austrian athlete Felix Baumgartner, spent May Day and did it in the purest Romanian style.

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