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Bask in the Culinary Beauty of Boca Raton Resort & Club

Bask in the Culinary Beauty of Boca Raton Resort & Club

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If it’s a quick getaway along the eastern seaboard that you desire, where you can totally chill in the lap of luxury or do plenty, then Boca Raton Resort & Club (BRRC) is an unavoidable choice.

Located almost equally between Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach airports, it is the brainchild of legendary architect Addison Mizner, who brought the flamingo pink establishment to life more than 80 years ago. Since then it has grown to encompass a total of 356 acres. You can arrive at the resort by land or sea to live in the lap of luxury for as little as $199 a night at one of five lodging options to include the Yacht Club, where guests can take occupancy in perfect view of their yachts on the marina below; the newly renovated Tower, at the base of which lies lush gardens, a pool, and coastal waters; the adjacent Beach Club, where the option to bathe along Florida’s esteemed Gold Coast or at one of numerous pools with cabanas can tickle your fancy; The Bungalows, which are perfectly suited for families; or the Cloister, which is where it all began in 1926.

The resort functions like a village, with complimentary shuttle bus service to transport guests from the central building housing the Cloister, Yacht Club, and Tower, with its beautifully bright and elegant new lobby area, to several the other lodging structures, including the Beach Club, with a club for kids, as well as many other aqua based activities.

But regardless of where one might choose to chill for the day or portion thereof, the one thing that is constant throughout the experience is excellence when it comes to service. At BRRC, much of the staff is fairly young, well trained, and unpretentious. Perhaps this serves as eye candy to the wealthy snowbirds known to frequent the resort by way of huge yachts and luxury cars. At the same time it makes for the perfect escape from the often younger, haughty, scantily clad types for which nearby South Beach (about 45-minutes south) has become famous.

With plans under way to hit the beach, enjoy a bike ride or a match or two of tennis, play a round of golf either before or after you experience the award-winning Alhambra Palace of Spain inspired, spa where prior to a treatment you’ll have the privilege to indulge in a soothing one hour water treatment in a room reminiscent of a luxury era bygone---now is a great time to consider culinary options, all of which are resort casual attire friendly.

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