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Virgin strawberry daiquiri recipe

Virgin strawberry daiquiri recipe

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I love to drink these when I'm out on the town.

20 people made this

IngredientsServes: 1

  • 100g frozen strawberries
  • 2 tablespoons ice
  • 1 tablespoon sweet and sour mix
  • 1 dash grenadine syrup

MethodPrep:2min ›Ready in:2min

  1. Place strawberries, ice cubes, sweet and sour mix and grenadine in a blender. Blend until smooth. Add more ice or less depending on your taste.

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i love to make these when my friends come over. since we are under age, this is the perfect drink to make us feel grown-up. It is so wonderfully delicious and fruityful! you should defenitly try this receipe!!!-01 Nov 2002

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris with Vegan Whip that will Make Your Day

These virgin frozen strawberry daiquiris are easy to prepare and the perfect way to cool down during the summer heat! Adults can spike them with rum for a relaxing treat, or everyone can enjoy them as is for sweet refreshment. After all, it is Daiquiri Day tomorrow!

Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Daiquiris

You can add some cute strawberries cut into heart shapes to garnish your drinks with. I simply sliced some strawberries and cut them into heart shapes and then placed them onto a wooden skewer with some lime slices. Cut the skewer to the right height for your glass so that the fruit sits nicely above your drink. If you are a fan of whipped cream (I am not…but most of my family is) add a dollop of fresh whipping cream to the top!

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

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2 pounds Strawberries, washed and topped

Place all ingredients except cream into a blender and puree. Pour puree into frosted martini glasses and drizzle cream on top as a garnish. Finish with a candied strawberry pop (see recipe). Makes – 5

Candied Strawberry Pops

10 each large Toothpicks or Bamboo Skewers

10 each fresh Strawberries

Pour sugar into a sauce pan, add water. Place on stove over high heat. Bring to a boil, and boil until liquid sugar starts to turn golden. Push each strawberry onto a skewer and then dip into the caramelized sugar (totally immerse them). Place them on parchment paper to set.

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Summer Fruit Crostata

Green Valley Grill’s Summer Fruit Crostata is our favorite summertime dessert. Our housemade rustic tart is topped with local summer berries and housemade buttermilk ice cream. Below you’ll find the recipe to make it at home! Also, be sure to check out more GVG recipes and our latest seasonal menu.

6 portions (4oz) Rustic Tart Dough (see recipe)

1 1/2 cups fresh Blueberries

1 1/2 cups sliced fresh Strawberries

3 cups diced fresh Peaches

Rustic Tart Dough

1 pound Unsalted Butter (cold)

Rustic Tart Instructions

Cut butter into ½ inch cubes and then chill. Butter must be very cold before using. Place flour, sugar and salt in food processor. Pulse several times to combine ingredients. Add butter and toss to coat with flour. Pulse mixture in short bursts until flour resembles small peas. With the food processor running, add the ice water and run until dough forms a rough looking mass. Turn dough onto work space and press together. Cover with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator to set up. Once set, divide into 4oz portions.

Summer Fruit Crostata Instructions

Roll each tart dough portion out to a 12 inch circle. In a bowl, toss fruit with sugar and flour. Place 1 cup of fruit in center of each dough circle. Fold edges of dough in, leaving a 3 inch opening of fruit showing. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Makes – 6 crostada

Green Valley Grill is located in Greensboro, NC. We are a 100% employee-owned restaurant. Sign up for the latest recipes and menus.

Disclaimer: All our recipes were originally designed for much larger batch size. This recipe has been reduced – but not tested at this scale. Please adjust as to your taste and portion size.

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Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe is a perfect summertime refreshment for any gatherings. Strawberry ice cream is always the first choice for cool desserts. Summertime especially is the best season to enjoy strawberry desserts, especially when mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a touch of sweetener. This strawberry daiquiri recipe is straightforward to make and usually only requires a few simple steps.

Most people use frozen or canned strawberries for their strawberry daiquiri recipe. You can also use frozen or canned strawberries as long as they are still in good condition. I prefer using canned strawberries because I love the canned version, but frozen ones taste just as good, and if you use them frozen, be sure to let them defrost before serving. It is better if the canned varieties were bought a little earlier, and that way, they will be ready to use instead of frozen. And remember to always mix them according to the package directions.

If you do not have a strawberry daiquiri recipe in your hand, then look no further because this strawberry concoction is one of the most popular drinks on Instagram. The visual appeal of this drink makes it so great for Instagram. Many women and men enjoy these summer cocktails, and the fact that this strawberry drink is one of the favorites on Instagram proves just how popular it is. So now that you know how easy it is to make strawberry daiquiris, you should try it for yourself to see how good it is!

Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

If you like your cocktails sweet and not too sour, then the strawberry Daiquiri is just for you. This drink is so simple that it’s a shame there aren’t more people making them. Any cocktail base should be fruit, and strawberries are very popular as they offer a delightful taste combined with a pleasant aroma. You can use strawberries to make a drink called the Strawberry Daiquiri, a trendy summer drink. You can also make sangria, and if you combine strawberries with ice, you can even drink it cool.

When making strawberry daiquiri mix, you will need the following ingredients: For the base of your drink mix, you need three cans of frozen fruit, one cup of low-fat or non-fat milk, approximately two pounds of sugar, four tablespoons of rum, and around three ounces of fresh (or dried) strawberries. All the other ingredients can be found at a local or online store, and they are easy to see if you have a good internet connection. The first step in making this drink is to put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix them thoroughly until they are blended. Once blended, you will want to strain the mixture into bottles and then seal the bottles tightly. The sugar can cause the drink to become somewhat fizzy, so once you have strained it, place it in the fridge for about two hours to allow the sugar to settle, and it will become less fizzy.

It is important to strain the strawberry daiquiri mix rather than fill up the glasses with ice because the extra sugar will settle to the bottom and cut down on the drink volume. Once you have strained the mixture, you are ready to add the strawberries, the rum, the milk, and the ice and shake it up until it is smooth and thick. If you would like to add a little spiciness to your drinks, you can put in a little lime juice and salt.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

This Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe is a favorite go-to in the house when summer hits and mothers come over for an impromptu bonding experience by the poolside. I love how the sweet and tart balance of this fruity rum works well with the strawberry’s natural sourness and sweetness. This drink is simple, but the combination of fruits in frozen concentrate is exceptional. The frozen concentrate mixes well with the strawberry to create a light drink that can be sipped on its own or enjoyed with another fruit. This frozen concoction is easy, summery, and delicious.

This lovely drink has a slight mint flavor, which is intensified by the lime juice and rum flavor. This drink is effortless to make. All you need is one cup of low calorie, low-fat milk, one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, three or four fresh strawberries cut into quarter-inch pieces, two or three limes a simple syrup to mix. Combine all ingredients and place everything in a bowl. Cover the entire mixture and shake to combine.

When the mixture is smooth and creamy, pour it into a shaker, fill one cup of old fashioned coffee cup with ice, and thoroughly shake it. If serving the cocktail before guests coming over, allow the mixture time to cool down just enough to give it time for the ice to solidify. Store in an airtight container and keep within reach of your guests. The frozen strawberry daiquiri is so delightful and easy to prepare, any drinker will fall in love with it.

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

If you’ve never had a daiquiri, then you need to try one at least once. The virgin strawberry Daiquiri has grown in popularity in recent years, but the taste remains unfamiliar for many people. With just a few simple steps, however, making this fruity beverage is easy. It can be made at home even if you don’t have any homemade daiquiris on hand, and it is something that people can enjoy all year long. Here’s how to make virgin strawberry daiquiri:

Combine two ounces of fresh strawberries and either lime juice or lemon-lime soda (depending on your preferences) in a glass. Also, combine half a cup of low calorie sweetened tea (such as green or chamomile tea) and two teaspoons of sugar. Next, fill the glasses with ice and shake the mixture until it begins to freeze. Once frozen, remove them from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator until ready to serve.

To make the recipe more interesting, try substituting half of the honey for another food color, such as raspberry, cranberry, or apricot, or using a different kind of sweetener if you’d instead not use freshly squeezed lime juice or another sweetener. You can also substitute orange rind instead of cranberries or strawberries and swap the sugar for a darker sweetener, such as brown or darkish caramel. A richer, fuller flavor adds a teaspoon of molasses or dark rum (or a good brand of dark rum, if you prefer a more decadent flavor). Make sure to stir your drink regularly to keep it from becoming too diluted.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How To Make A Strawberry Daiquiri

A: How to make a strawberry Daiquiri is one of the questions that many people have asked. Many bartenders have perfected the art of the drinks and how to make them in record time. While some basic steps need to be followed, the essential ingredients required for the drink are sugar, rum, and juice. The types of fruit you use and the temperature at which it is made can affect how to make a strawberry daiquiri, so it is important to learn how to make a strawberry daiquiri according to the recipe given. Once you know how to make a strawberry daiquiri, you will be able to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of the drink and how to make it correctly.

How to make a strawberry daiquiri begins with mixing the simple syrup or juice with the crushed strawberries. This mixture then needs to be chilled to about 60 degrees before it is ready to pour over the ice. If you want to add an extra kick, you can try adding a layer of fresh strawberries on top of the drink as well. This can help add a little bit of the tropical flavor to the glass while still maintaining the recipe’s simplicity.

The next step in making strawberry daiquiri is to add the fresh strawberries and the rum cocktail. Once all three ingredients are combined, pour them over the ice and then enjoy. It is important to remember that it can take several hours before the drink is ready, but it will be the perfect summer cocktail once it is. Remember that this drink’s flavor is based entirely upon the quality of the ingredients and how they are blended. With just a few simple additions and slight tweaks, anyone can make their strawberry daiquiris that they can enjoy any time of the year.

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Amazing Frozen Strawberry Mango Daiquiri Recipe

When warm June weather finally arrives, I can’t wait to get outside to enjoy it.

And whether I’m cracking an ice-cold beer after a day of yard work or sipping a pre-dinner drink as the barbecue heats up, the perfect beverage always makes spending time outdoors even better.

Of course, this year I’ve had to give up some of my favourite summer sippers since our new baby is arriving in a little over a month.

So, I got to work creating some cocktails that are perfect for summer refreshment both with and without alcohol added!

My family loves tropical fruit flavours, so I decided to combine two of our favourites, strawberry and mango, to create a show-stopping daiquiri that’s tangy, sweet and perfect for a lazy afternoon relaxing on the deck.

Making the virgin version of this drink is as simple as leaving out the rum, and when it’s served in stylish drinkware from, it’s pretty enough for the poshest summer brunch or evening cocktail party!

One of my favourite things about this daiquiri is that it’s full of fruity flavour without being too sugary.

I actually don’t drink fruit-based cocktails very often because the added sugar syrup makes the drink overwhelmingly sweet after just a few sips.

Since all the sweetness in this daiquiri comes from the fruit and juice, it’s tangy and refreshing to the last drop.

And best of all, customizing the drink with different types of fruit couldn’t be easier!

I decided to make my Strawberry Mango Daiquiri because I had some ripe mangos just begging to be used, but my original plan had actually been to create a Strawberry Kiwi Daiquiri instead!

Banana, pineapple, passion fruit or even coconut milk would all be delicious choices for this fun layered beverage, so experiment a little and see which one your family likes best!

Looking for more delicious drinks to kick off your summer celebrations? Check out my Sparkling Grape Lemonade! It’s not only a favourite in our house, it’s the most popular drink recipe on the website!

And if you try a different variation of this dreamy daiquiri, let me know what you thought. I’d love to see if it’s just as delicious using different types of fruit!

Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Smoothie

Here is a smoothie-fied version of the classic virgin strawberry daiquiri. It’s a less conventional virgin strawberry daiquiri smoothie since we wanted to add lots of extra vitamins from a myriad of beautiful fruits.

Typically with recipes, the less ingredients the better to me. I am much more likely to try it. There is something about smoothies though, that we just keep throwing fruits and vegetables into the Vitamix. A lot of times I am trying to mask the taste of a vegetable.

Here is a smoothie that JSarr created, that, for us, doesn’t have many ingredients. This is the smoothie JSarr keeps coming back to. It’s probably his favorite since we have purchased our Vitamix.

The Verdict: It’s so smooth, and you can’t tell there is a tomato. Feel free to use either yogurt or a milk. Now that some in the family are dairy-free, I use almond milk, but we’ve enjoyed this with regular yogurt, too. My Ellie girl, who at times can be particular about her smoothies, is quoted as saying, ” I LOVE THIS SMOOTHIE SO MUCH I WANT TO EAT IT EVERYDAY!” ‘nough said. **Updated 5/14.

Daiquirí is also the name of a beach and an iron mine near Santiago de Cuba, and is a word of Taíno origin. [1] The drink was supposedly invented by an American mining engineer named Jennings Cox, who was in Cuba at the time of the Spanish–American War. It is also possible that William A. Chanler, a US congressman who purchased the Santiago iron mines in 1902, introduced the daiquiri to clubs in New York in that year. [2]

Originally the drink was served in a tall glass packed with cracked ice. A teaspoon of sugar was poured over the ice and the juice of one or two limes was squeezed over the sugar. Two or three ounces of white rum completed the mixture. The glass was then frosted by stirring with a long-handled spoon. Later the daiquiri evolved to be mixed in a shaker with the same ingredients but with shaved ice. After a thorough shaking, it was poured into a chilled coupe glass.

Consumption of the drink remained localized until 1909, when Rear Admiral Lucius W. Johnson, a U.S. Navy medical officer, tried Cox's drink. Johnson subsequently introduced it to the Army and Navy Club in Washington, D.C., and drinkers of the daiquiri increased over the space of a few decades. It was one of the favorite drinks of writer Ernest Hemingway and U.S. President John F. Kennedy. [3]

The drink became popular in the 1940s. [ citation needed ] World War II rationing made whiskey and vodka hard to come by, yet rum was easily obtainable due to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Good Neighbor policy, which opened up trade and travel relations with Latin America, Cuba and the Caribbean. The Good Neighbor policy, also known as the Pan-American program, helped make Latin America fashionable. Consequently, rum-based drinks (once frowned upon as being the choice of sailors and down-and-outs), also became fashionable, and the daiquiri saw a tremendous rise in popularity in the US.

The basic recipe for a daiquiri is also similar to the grog British sailors drank aboard ship from the 1780s as a means of preventing scurvy. By 1795 the Royal Navy daily grog ration contained rum, water, ¾ ounce of lemon or lime juice, and 2 ounces of sugar. [4] This was a common drink across the Caribbean, and as soon as ice became available this was included instead of the water.

  • Strawberry daiquiri – a blender drink of puréed whole strawberries, rum, cane sugar and lime juice
  • Hemingway daiquiri (Hemingway Special) – or papa doble – two and a half jiggers of white rum, juice of two limes and half a grapefruit, six drops of maraschino liqueur, without sugar. [5]
  • Banana daiquiri – regular daiquiri with half a banana. [6]
  • Avocado daiquiri – regular daiquiri with half an avocado. [7]

A wide variety of alcoholic mixed drinks made with finely pulverized ice are often called frozen daiquirí. These drinks can also be combined and poured from a blender, eliminating the need for manual pulverisation and producing a texture similar to a smoothie. On larger scales, such drinks are often commercially made in larger machines, and come in a wide variety of flavors made with various alcohol or liquors. [ citation needed ] Another way to create a frozen daiquiri (mostly fruit-flavored variants) is by using frozen limeade, providing the required texture, sweetness and sourness all at once. [8]

Watch the video: How to make Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri by FoodNSpices #StrawberryDaiquiri (May 2022).