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8 Family-Style Meals That Are Perfect for Summer

8 Family-Style Meals That Are Perfect for Summer

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Feed the whole family with these delicious meals

After a day of swimming in the pool or day-tripping to the nearest museum or zoo, the last thing you want to do is head to your kitchen and make a big family meal. Why not try a casual, no-fuss family-style affair instead?

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You've probably heard the expression 'the lazy days of summer' — there's a reason for the phrase. Aside from vacationing and making time to enjoy the warm weather and sunny skies, summer is a time to slow down and relax a little bit — a time to take a break. Cooking included.

Family-style meals are perfect for casual summer nights — many can be made easily and without creating a sink-full of dirty dishes. And their self-serve style makes it easy for everyone to eat when they're ready — no need to wait for the whole family to assemble before you dig in. There’s also something about the act of passing around a dish of home-cooked food that sparks conversation, laughter, and good memories.

So, if you’re looking for something to make for dinner tonight, why not try one of these recipes?

30-Minute Paella

This quick-cooking dish has all the flavor of the traditional version, but is ready in only a fraction of the time. As an added bonus, you can cook the entire meal in one skillet!

You won’t have any problem getting your family to assemble for dinner if you’re serving this delicious backyard clambake. Though there is a bit of boiling and grilling involved, you’ll find that this recipe is actually an easy way to get a complete meal ready with very little effort.

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