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Faith and Flower Is a Breath of Fresh Air in Bustling Downtown LA

Faith and Flower Is a Breath of Fresh Air in Bustling Downtown LA

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Downtown Los Angeles remains the fastest-growing neighborhood in the city. There is a new park, a new museum, a huge new Whole Foods, and plenty of new luxury condos and townhouses.

However, there is one place in the heart of the hustle and bustle providing elegance, peace, delicious cocktails, and great dishes. On the corner of Ninth and Flower is Faith and Flower, a refuge from the noise and crowds of downtown.

Inside, the atmosphere is stunning with enormously high dining room ceilings, walls decorated in ornate mirrors, fancy wallpaper, romantic candles, and elegant chandeliers. The lounge and bar is equally enticing.

The wine bar is full of surprises, with interesting choices from all over the world, and the signature cocktails — such as the Shiso Easy with tequila blanco, Contratto Vermouth Bianco, shiso, cucumber, and lime — are a good start to any meal.

Dinner appetizers include a choice of oysters from the raw bar; deviled Jidori eggs with chile and kimchi; steak tartare; beet, pea, and ricotta salad; crab toast; braised lamb with wheat noodles; oxtail agnolotti; kanpachi ceviche; and a variety of salads. Main dishes include steelhead trout; confit duck leg with cherries; bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin; Tai snapper roasted in seaweed; and a variety of pastas.

Standout desserts include the chocolate pudding with chocolate streusel; carrot cake; and a cookie board featuring chocolate sea salt, brownies, blondies, and biscotti.

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