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Assorted salad for winter

Assorted salad for winter

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Horseradish, carrot and donut are cleaned and then passed through the meat machine. The cabbage is chopped faithfully.

Mix everything, cover the pot and leave for 24 hours, during which time it is stirred from time to time.

Then put in jars.

Assorted salad for winter

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Pepper salad for the winter

Pepper salad for the winter from: peppers, celery, coarse salt. Ingredients: 3 kg peppers 4 stalks celery coarse salt Preparation: Peel the peppers and seeds well and wash with running water. Drain, then cut into slices. Celery is peeled, washed, cut […]

Layered Syrian salad for the winter

Syrian salad in layers for winter from: tomatoes, bell peppers, white onions, red onions, allspice, peppercorns, garlic, hot peppers, thyme, green basil, lemon juice, water, salt, sugar. Ingredients: 4 kg tomatoes 2 kg bell peppers or green capsicum 8 white onions 4 red onions 3 teaspoons allspice 4 tablespoons […]

Pepper, tomato and onion salad for the winter

Pepper, tomato and onion salad for the winter from: tomatoes, onions, garlic, hot peppers, mosaic pepper, bell peppers, basil, thyme, vinegar, water, coarse salt, bay leaves, oil. Ingredients: 2 kg tomatoes 5 white onions 3 red onions 5 cloves garlic 1 hot pepper 2 tablespoons mosaic pepper 1 kg different colored bell peppers […]

Bean and celery salad for the winter

Bean and celery salad for winter from: beans, onions, celery root with leaves, hot peppers, vinegar, sugar, oil, water, mustard seeds, salt. Ingredients: 300 g green beans and yellow beans 1 onion 1 large celery root with leaves 1 green hot pepper 1/2 cup vinegar 3/4 cup sugar 1/4 […]


Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Weigh and place in a large bowl, mixing with 20 g of salt (a full spoon, but not a spoon) for each kg of vegetables. Leave for 2-3 hours.
Then remove by squeezing the leftover juice and put on the fire in a saucepan, adding 100 ml of vinegar for each kg (remember the initial amount, after cleaning the vegetables) and 10 g of sugar (add more add an extra aspirin / kg or another 50 ml of vinegar. I preferred aspirin, so that it doesn't come out too sour). Add the spices and keep it on the fire until the whole composition is hot, and the vegetables and the juice (always mix).
Place in jars, pressing well to let the air out, fill with juice, so that the vegetables do not stay dry and close. It is no longer sterilized.

It is a very good winter salad recipe, I make it every year and we can serve it with an excellent steak. Good appetite.

Dried tomatoes in oil

So: simple as hello! You take the tomatoes, wash them, cut them into slices, but be careful to keep them about the same

Traditional donuts

Clean the donuts and cut them into quarters. Make a bath of water, vinegar, spices, salt, honey, oil. When

"Raw" cucumber salad for the winter - a spicy, fresh and crunchy appetizer!

This recipe will be to the liking of those who like to nibble on fresh vegetables. A salad of crispy cucumber slices, sweet onions, spicy garlic, all marinated in vinegar and without thermal preparation.

Garlic and vinegar will have the preservative function. Due to them, the natural taste of vegetables is preserved and in winter the salad will have a fresh cucumber flavor. The perfect proportions of salt and sugar give it a sweet taste. A big plus of this snack is that it is prepared very simply and quickly. You only need 40 minutes to cook and another 12 hours until the cucumbers are marinated.



1. Choose hard, medium-sized cucumbers, otherwise the salad will not be crispy. Cut the cucumbers into slices about 1 cm.

2.Put the washers in a bowl or saucepan, where it is convenient to mix the ingredients.

3. Cut the onion into juliennes or thin slices.

4. Squeeze the garlic or chop it very finely with a knife.

Advice.Weigh the already peeled garlic. If you put a smaller amount of garlic, the salad may begin to ferment.

1.Prepare salt and sugar, then add the vinegar.

2. Mix the vegetables well with your hands.

3.Put the salad in a cool place, so that the cucumbers soak up the flavors. The most convenient is to make the salad and leave it overnight.

4. The salad should be mixed several times.

5.Wash and sterilize the jars. You can put the jars with a little water in the microwave for 3-4 minutes or put them in the hot oven.

6.Put the salad in hot and dry jars and staple them. No need to sterilize them.

Salad of green gogonele for the winter

I am convinced that now we will eat it, especially since it is a fasting salad, only good for Christmas fasting. Ingredients for 6 large jars of 800 ml - 1 kg carrots - 1 kg onion - 1 kg gogonele - 1 kg bell peppers - 1 kg donuts For mayonnaise - 1 jar of mustard of 200g - 400 ml of sunflower oil For brine - 1 liter of water This is what the pickled gogons look like according to this recipe: they are the ones in this jar. I opened it on December 1, 2017. Pickles in brine are very healthy because natural fermentation develops colonies of beneficial bacteria that generate lactic acid. It is known that millet (pickle juice) is full of vitamins and antioxidants and is recommended to be consumed even at. Donuts in mustard sauce, recipe for winter, ingredients. 2.5 kg of donuts (from which I got 1.6 kilograms ready to clean, I tell you only as a guide) 250 grams of mustard (I used Dijon mustard, because I prefer the spicy taste, but you can use any of mustard you like) 250 ml. 9 wine vinegar You know very well the situation in winter, when you want to eat a vegetable salad, good and natural - but when you go to the supermarket you only find tomatoes like plastic and other vegetables grown in the greenhouse and matured with chemicals. I propose the solution, to try 5 jars of this salad in a jar, and tell me how the winter went. I guarantee you that the only disappointment will be that you did too little :) In. Recipe Winter salad from Cookbook, Canned food and pickles. Specific Romania. How to make Winter Salad I cut cabbage as for salad. I put salt on it and rubbed it a little with salt. 1 kg donuts (in my case kapia pepper) 500 gr cucumber. 500 gr onion. 500 gr gogonele. 300 gr carrots. 500 ml of vinegar. 150 gr sugar. boabe de.

Moldovan salad of gogonele (patlagele) is a simple and good recipe for those who fast, for vegetarians, but also for those who want a tasty and easy to prepare seasonal appetizer.For this salad I chose green gogonele (patlagele) but also some slightly parguite for a more beautiful color and for a better taste You might also be interested in: salads for winter with gogonele donuts and onions, gogonele in brine, cucumber salad for winter, raw vegetable salad, salad, chicken breast salad cucumber mayonnaise, gogonele in vinegar, Swedish potato salad, gogonele with cold water, oriental salad Recipe for gogonele salad for winter from Cookbook, Canned food, pickles. Specific Romania. How to make gogonele salad for the winter. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! I agree that my personal data will be stored and used to receive news and commercial offers Ingredients Jamonele jam for winter. 1-1.2 kilograms of gogonele 500-600 grams of green bell pepper (I used 560 grams) 200 grams of onion 4-5 large cloves of garlic 40 grams of ginger (about 4 cm of ginger root ) 300 ml. white wine or apple cider vinegar with a strength of 9 ° 300 grams of caster sugar 60 de. The stew of gogonele is one of the best and tastiest preserves you can prepare for winter. Unlike eggplant and baked pepper zacusca, this stew is much easier to prepare, faster and without prior preparation. The final product will be a treat for any meal and day over the winter

Mustard salad with mustard for the winter! The most simple

  • one kg capsicum, 1 kg bell pepper, 1 kg donuts, 2 kg onions, 1/2 kg carrots, 1 kg gogonele, 1 l otet for pickles, 1/2 l oil, 500 g sweet mustard, salt, peppercorns, leaves of dafin, enibahar boabe, boabe of mustard. Difficulty: Reduced Time: 2h 30 mi
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  • Gogonele 17 recipes: Zacusca de gogonele - sweet-sour / lutenitsa with green tomatoes, Gogonele in vinegar, Baked gogonele salad, Cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, gogonele in vinegar without salt, Pots of gogonele, Sweetness of gogonele, Salad of ..
  • Simple pickled gogons or assorted in brine in a jar. Every year I put pickled gogonele, a can with assorted pickles (gogonele, cucumber, donuts, melons, cabbage, cauliflower, celery) and 2-3 jars with simple gogonele. Everything is eaten, down to the last gogonea
  • Gogon salad in a jar for the winter - God, what a treat! Ingredients: 3 kg gogonele 1 kg carrot 1 kg bell pepper 1 kg onion 100 g salt 150 g sugar 100 ml vinegar 100 ml oil Preparation: 1. Using a knife, cut the gogonele into slices. We cut the onion into rounds and the peppers into strips [

Gogon salad (for winter)! - Easy Recipes

  1. Garlic stews for winter - Green stews or stews are, in fact, unripe red. They can be prepared in different ways, but are most often used in the preparation of pickles. Here is a very tasty recipe for garlic gogons for winter
  2. Dear housewives, in the middle of the season of preparing canned food for winter, our team tries to enjoy you as often as possible with unusual recipes and, what is very important, checked for homemade canned food! In this article we have gathered 5 new and interesting recipes for winter vegetable salads. For any taste! In winter your loved ones.
  3. ute - vinegar and mustard sauce will.

. Now that autumn has fully come into its own, and the tomato crop in the garden is starting to shrink, with green tomatoes still having the power to ripen, it's time to turn them into pickles. The gogonele are pickled in the same way as the cucumbers. The gogonele salad for the winter Posted by: MIUTA in Conserve. Read on. Read reviews (15) Posted by: lia in Dulceata / Gem. It is a jam that tends to approach the taste of green walnut jam. It is very tasty and fragrant, color not to mention like crazy! Read more. Read the review.

Lettuce salad - Readings and Flavor

  1. Cris winter salad The vegetables are grated separately or finely chopped, after they have been grated, they are scalded in the following composition: 1 liter of 9-degree vinegar 2 liters of water 6 tablespoons of salt 600 g of peppercorn sugar (1/2 of package) mustard grains (1/2 of package) are introduced.
  2. Nourishing winter salad with beef and spinach. A nutritious salad for the cold season is welcome at any time of the day. That's why we suggest you prepare a winter salad with beef and spinach. Potato salad with corn and bell pepper. For dinner, you can opt for a salad with many vegetables, namely: lettuce.
  3. Prepare this can that you will definitely enjoy in winter. The salad is delicious, it is prepared and eaten quickly! INGREDIENTS (FOR 3 JARS OF 1L): -1.2 kg of gogonele -3-4 bell peppers -2-3 onions -1 head of garlic -1 hot pepper -dill, parsley, coriander, basil -5 tablespoons sugar -3 tablespoons with a pinch of salt -100 ml of 9% vinegar -1200 ml of.
  4. Online video: How fast pickling winter salad. On the Internet there are several options for green tomato snacks: brewer's yeast in barrels, fried, pickled, boiled, salted and pickled, whole and sliced
  5. Uncooked tomatoes from the garden are used for the salad, just before the harvest, at the beginning of August. The autumn ones, good for pickling, are no longer so sweet and tasty and the salad will not be as good. You will need green aubergines, two onions, salt, oil and, to taste, hot peppers.

Wash the salad well. Unwrap it from the back, sheet by sheet, let it dry, or dry it in a cotton napkin. Divide them into portions and put them in bags. Put them in the freezer and in winter you can use them in salad soup. Preferably are salads with more fleshy leaves. Anyway, you can only use it for soup. It will melt in salads. My grandmother used to make pickled gogons for the winter every year. I remember in the winter my grandmother used to take out bowls full of gogons and c .. Ingredients recipe for gogonele salad: 1 kg gogonele 1 red onion 1 bunch dill pepper, salt, oil for frying Preparation: Gogonele salad can be prepared in two variants, with gogonele fried in oil and with baked gogonele. We put some gogonele in a tray or dish of embarrassment and put them in the oven. On my blog you can find other canned recipes, at least as delicious as this jam of green gogonele with walnuts: How to put pickled cabbage for the winter Gogonele , simple or assorted pickles Pickled pickles in brine, covasiti, simple Moldovan recipe This is a simple recipe for autumn salad in a jar. It can be served with any type of meat or next to fasting dishes. Its sweet-sour taste makes the salad loved by everyone. For autumn inspiration, I also leave you the recipe for baked peppers in a jar without vinegar and eggplant in a jar. Have fun

Autumn is coming to an end and the pantry with goodies is full! Only something is missing: some Assorted Salad for Winter with Gogonele, Gogosari and Cucumber.Without boiling or scalding vegetables, without preservatives and Eeee, prepare this assorted pickle salad in a very simple, fast way, now that you can still find gogonele, donuts and cucumbers on the market. Assorted pickle salad is present in every home. With her own recipe, every housewife is currently stocking up on pantry, and the assorted salad in the jar is not missing from the list. It is an extremely easy to prepare dish that keeps its taste for the whole winter. Written recipe Follow me on: Facebook Twitter https: // twi ..

For the preparation of this recipe I used the Tefal NE685838 mincer, which I received for testing. It made my job a lot easier, I finished much faster than I usually did. See also pickles of onion gogonele. Also worth trying is the hot pepper salad with onions. Ingredients Vegetable salad for winter. 1 kg of gogonele 1 kg. Recipe Gogonele salad (for winter) from Cookbook, Canned food and pickles. Specific Romania. How to make Gogon salad for winter Gogon salad for winter from: gogonele, onion, garlic, hot pepper, horseradish, carrots, sugar, salt, preservative, vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaves. Ingredients: 6 kg gogonele 5 onions 1 clove of garlic 5 hot peppers 2 horseradish roots 3 carrots 700 g sugar 4 tablespoons salt 1 1/2 sachets 1 l vinegar [

2 kg green gogonele. 2 kg red capsicum peppers. 1 kg carrots. 1 link celery leaves. 1 l otet. 1 kg of sugar. because I also made many salad recipes for the winter, but this is different and I would really like to try it. I will come back to tell you if my family was delighted with the recipe. Pickled salad is the most beloved of canned food. Another way you can keep vegetables for the winter. The combination is very good, simple, on toast or in potato, pasta or rice salads. Ingredients: three large pumpkins, 1 kg of gogonele, three red bell peppers, celery leaves, two or three cloves of garlic, half a liter of vinegar, a cup of sugar (or honey), a tablespoon of. Home Canned / Pickles Salad of gogonele for the winter. Gogon salad for winter Gogon salad is a salad that we really like. It is fragrant and very good. I highly recommend you to make a few jars too . Goggle salad and donuts for winter - Video recipe. Sep 21, 2016 11. The salad of gogonele and donuts for winter is a very good salad, with a slightly sweet and sour taste and crispy vegetables in mustard sauce

Oltenian salad is an extraordinary recipe that can satisfy our need to eat vegetables with fresh and natural taste in the middle of winter, when the offers in supermarkets in this regard are only tomatoes and cucumbers, with plastic taste, or peppers fattened with pesticides. , at an exorbitant price Winter gogonele salad recipe from Cookbook, Canned food, pickles. Specific Romania. How to make gogonele salad for the winter

A simple but extremely tasty recipe, cooked gogonele salad easily turns into the most beloved dish of the cold season. It successfully accompanies packed meals, but can be a reliable ally even on fasting days, which is good to keep in mind, given that there is a period of food abstinence before the winter holidays. This technique also allows me to rotate them often. I can't get bored of them. We make a jar of it ready in a week: we eat them as such, in the form of a salad of assorted pickles, we use them in salads of all kinds, etc. For larger quantities, I already have a door to knock on! Recipe Pickled assorted pickles Slice the gogonele and hot pepper. Cut the onion into scales and finely chop the garlic. Chop the celery leaves. Mix all the vegetables and add the ground aspirin, dill seeds, salt and sugar. Pour cold water and vinegar. Mix everything well and leave to soak for 24 hours. In this we mix the mustard mayonnaise with the drained vegetables and put the salad in clean jars. From the rest of the mustard -100 g mix with the oil and put a tablespoon in each jar on top of the vegetables. Cover the jars with lids and place in the pantry. From the above composition come 8 jars of 400g Chop the celery leaves. Mix all the vegetables and add crushed aspirin, dill seeds, salt and sugar. Pour cold water and vinegar. Mix everything well and leave to soak for 24 hours. In this. Reviews, thoughts and opinions about religion, recipes, articles, movies, free games on 2 review en Goggle salad (for winter).

Pickle salad recipe for Hungarian ciolomada Savori

  • a salad with boiled eggs and radishes and, definitely, you can never refuse a filling and delicious salad soup. But the options to serve lettuce do not stop here
  • Green gogonele stew. 0 from 0 votes. Print Your Opinion. Category: Basic dishes. Author Don't forget that you can print the stew recipe from green gogons to have on hand when you prepare it or keep it in your recipe collection. Are you ready for winter if we sterilize it? Reply
  • 4 November 2014 Print Gogon salad for winter from: gogonele, onion, garlic, hot pepper, horseradish, carrots, sugar, salt, preservative, vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaves
  • How to choose and prepare pickle dishes. gogonele When you put pickles for the winter you need plastic jars and drums, the latter will be filled with gogonele and sauerkraut. Choosing and preparing them correctly will help you have good pickles in winter, so this first step is an important one.
  • Read the latest articles about gogons published on! See comments and pictures about gogonele, on

Pickled gogons for the winter - video JamilaCuisin

2 kg of gogonele, 2 kg of donuts, 2 kg of tomatoes, 500 ml of oil, 1.5 kg of onion, allspice, salt. Zacusca fish for the winter. It can be made with any kind of fish, usually with fresh fish. of coconut, which comes from green coconut nuts. May it be. Natural therapies - remedies, remedies, different practices Canned salad is boiled in very little water (100-200 ml) which will be filled with water contained in the leaves, they are boiled in a regular pot for about an hour, covered, at simmer until softened well, or in a pressure cooker for about 30 minutes, with only the water remaining on the leaves when washed, plus.

. The donuts are washed and then sliced. Put the vinegar, oil, sugar, salt, peppercorns and bay leaves on the fire and leave until it starts to boil. Pour hot over the gogonele mixture and If you haven't stuffed the salad well, you may not have enough liquid in the bowl to top it up. Screw on the caps. Put the jars in a pot lined with a towel on the bottom, fill with water so that it reaches up to three quarters of the jar, and sterilize for 15 minutes since the water started to boil. The recipe is ready in less than an hour and it's easy to prepare. If you liked it, you can also see the vegetable salad with mustard sauce or the gogonele salad. Ingredients hot pepper salad with onion for winter without preservative. 1 kg of hot peppers 1 kg of white and red onions 500 ml vinegar 500 ml water 2 tablespoons pickle salt 4 tablespoons sugar Pickle recipes for your winter pantry. gogonele recipe It's pickle time for the winter season. Take advantage of the vegetables, greens and spices on the market to prepare a few jars with your favorite pickles. Here are some possible recipes

Vegetable salad with mustard mayonnaise, for winter

  1. Sweet and sour pickle salad is a mix of vegetables perfectly chosen to cover the whole area of ​​vegetables that can be put together in the best pickle salad. It is a pickle salad that does not need preservatives, because thinly sliced ​​vegetables are perfectly preserved in the juice left by them, to which vinegar and sugar are added.
  2. Culinary recipe Winter gogonele salad from the Canned food category. How to make gogonele salad for the winter
  3. The salad recipe of gogonele with polenta is good in case of obesity, because polenta gives the feeling of satiety. It is very good for those who thought that gogonele are good only pickled. Ingredient. 1 kg green gogonele 2 red onions 4 tablespoons oil salt and pepper 500 gr corn Preparation instructions
  4. I really missed this salad, because I haven't seen the gogonele here for years. And because this year I brought it from Romania, from my dear sister's garden, I put a portion, immediately ... it's so good as a garnish next to a piece of meat or fish, to lick your teeth .. I admit that I eat it empty, because I like the taste of beef salad (being a fan.
  5. They are very easy to preserve and keep well until spring. Use only simple salt (no additives, no iodine, no anti-caking agent) and fresh ingredients, which I advise you to buy from the market, so that you have a very pleasant opportunity to choose them with your own hands. This is part of the ritual of canning and pickling for the winter
  6. a cold salad with toast. If you liked our Gogonele Salad Recipe, don't forget to review it. For successful culinary photos use the Nikon D350
  7. Read the latest articles about sweet gogonele and gogonele published on! See comments and pictures about gogonele and gogonele jam, on

By tradition, winter is the season of pickle jars and gogons prepared by diligent housewives or, why not, bought from the supermarket, but how many of us know their nutritional values? Discover how many calories and vitamins these seasonal goodies have. A very tasty salad for the winter, which I really like. I invite you to prepare it and you will agree with me. The next few days I will post a recipe for donuts in tomato sauce. What you need 3 kg gogonele 3 kg donuts 1 ½ kg carrots 1 medium cauliflower 1 head Ingredients: 3 kg gogonele 1 kg carrot 1 kg bell peppers 1 kg onion 100 g salt 150 g sugar 100 ml vinegar 100 ml oil Preparation: 1. Using a knife, cut the gogonele into slices. We cut the onion into rounds and the peppers into short strips. We put the carrot through the large grater. 2. Place all the vegetables [ Lettuce seeds for autumn and winter cultivation. Varieties resistant to diseases, cold and frost, for cultivation in greenhouses, solariums and in rooms

. Preparation: Because I have a lot of tomatoes in the garden and because the cold has come and I don't know how many more to bake, I thought it wouldn't be bad to capitalize on them somehow, so I prepared a portion of zacusca. It's a salad. sweet and sour that goes great with a steak or a stew. If you try my recipe for Vegetable Salad for the winter, I look forward to you coming back and telling me how much you liked Sep 11, 2015 - Culinary recipe for the winter gogonele salad from the Canned food category. How to make Gogon salad for winter Every time they are very successful for my whole family, even for children, the guests even ask me for drinking brine! This recipe for pickled gogonele in brine caught my eye immediately, I tested it several times in the last 3 months and each time I had only one problem with them - it ends too quickly Ideas for pickle recipes for winter Useful tips for pickles and preserves Ideas for winter pickle recipes. Discover below some pickle recipes and their secrets to enjoy their taste until spring. There are two ways you can pick vegetables: vinegar or brine

Recipe for pickled gogonele. Spices for gogonele: The spices used to season the gogonele are also very important. The juice for them is flavored with various simple spices. Surely you have garlic, bay leaves, thyme, dill, salt and pepper in the kitchen. man, newborn J 8. Seal the jars of gogonele in brine, greasing the mouth of the jar with a little pickle juice and squeezing the cellophane well on top. Tie them in your mouth and let them cool completely before moving them to the pantry for the winter. You may like it and the celery leaves are finely chopped and mixed with vinegar, oil, sugar, salt, pepper and bay leaves. This site uses cookies to analyze traffic, to personalize ads and for a better functioning of the site itself

Spicy gogonele in brine. Pickles (for a 1l jar) 700g gogonele, medium size 1 head garlic 2 carrots 1/2 bunch green parsley 2-3 bunches cauliflower 1/2 teaspoon peppercorns 1 teaspoon mustard 2 bay leaves 1-2 dried dill flowers 1 hot peppers 1 horseradish .. It seems complicated at first to make, but read the recipe carefully and start preparing, everything will be simple and with spectacular results, being one of the salad recipes with sensational effect for guests who will taste it. Ingredients Oltenian vegetable salad for winter. 1 kg of green gogons (raw tomatoes) 1 kg of donuts. 1 kg of pepper. Is autumn, it is full of richness and color around and the gardens abound with vegetables! And as diligent housewives compete in filling their rooms with all the goodies to have something to be proud of in the winter, we have gathered here for you, a selection of recipes for pickles for the winter, pickles that you should not miss assorted pickles: gogonele, carrots and celery for both. a few jars of sauerkraut salad with carrots and cumin seeds. It is excellent in winter wool or meat or fasting dishes. That's about it. It will be a lot, it will be a little for us, it's only good You canning ready for winter Pickled gogons for winter - video. JamilaCuisine-05/10/2017. Cherry compote for winter - video recipe The cherry compote recipe is one of my favorites. I like. Read more. Preserve. Fir bud syrup - video recipe. JamilaCuisine-13/06/2015

Pickled gogons in the jar Savori Urban step by step recipe

  1. Because it also makes a mustard sauce, this salad is extremely tasty and goes well with many dishes. Here is how to prepare step by step the salad that you can eat this fall or over the winter. Ingredients - Autumn salad (7 jars x 800 g will come out): 2 kg donuts, 2 kg green donuts.
  2. If you have a closed balcony, it is the right place to spend the jars with gogons. The ideal temperature for the spaces where you store cans is 5 degrees Celsius. If you want, the gogonelas can be picked together with other hard vegetables: carrots, cauliflower, hard meat donuts, beets and cabbage
  3. And the present salad is also from my mother, made by her, but I said to tell you that I also liked it a lot. It is a mixture of pickles that can be made for the winter (if it will arrive by then). We need: 1/2 kg of gogonele. 1/2 kg white cabbage. 1/2 kg gogosar. 1/2 kg carrots. 1/2 kg of cucumbers. 4-5 hot peppers (depending on how much.
  4. Gogon salad. Simply canned delicious. Gogons have a special taste in salad and, if you haven't tried the recipe yet, now is the right time to cook together! INGREDIENTS: -2.5 kg of gogonele -3 cloves of garlic -300 gr of dill -300 gr of parsley -ginderpower cloves -clove -1 teaspoon of vinegar essence. For 1l of marinade.
  5. it's for winter: orange and pomegranate salad, with yogurt dressing! Read more. Lifestyle
  6. In winter there is nothing more delicious than having a jar of canned vegetables at a hearty meal. Either in vinegar or in brine or oil. So, at Sanatatea in Bucate we prepare two canned recipes: gogonele salad with mustard sauce and eggplant salad, peppers and baked donuts. Gogon salad with mustard sauce

Donuts in mustard sauce, recipe for winter Laura

Boil the vinegar with salt, bay leaves, pepper and water to a liter of vinegar 1 1/2 water. When the vinegar has boiled, pour it over the vegetables and cover with the lid. How to serve After 2-3 days, the salad can be served. 1 kg gogonele 1 kg gogosari 1 kg ardei gras (de preferat rosu) 1 kg morcovi 1 kg ceapa 1 borcan cu mustar clasic 300 ml otet de 9 grade 250 g zahar 3 linguri cu sare grunjoasa 750 ml apa 500 ml ulei De obicei sunt foarte tradiţionalistă în ceea ce priveşte murăturile pentru iarnă: fac sosul meu de gogoşari, conopidă la oţet, ardei iuţi la oţet, gogonele şi castraveţi la sare şi varză murată.Nu prea mă abat de la obiceiurile încetăţenite de ani întregi la mine în familie, dar anul acesta am zis să încerc şi altceva şi pentru că sora mea mi-a povestit că a. Ingrediente Muraturi asortate pentru iarna morcovi, ardei gogosar, gogonele , conopida, castraveti. Pentru fiecare borcan - 2 tije de hrean,3 funze de telina, 1 floare de marar uscat, 1 ardei iute, [ Ingrediente Muraturi asortate pentru iarna. morcovi, ardei gogosar, gogonele , conopida, castraveti. Pentru fiecare borcan - 2 tije de hrean,3 funze de telina, 1 floare de marar uscat, 1 ardei iute, 2 catei usturoi, 1 lingurita boabe de piper, 1 lingura boabe de mustar

Salata de legume pentru iarna (la borcan) - LaLena

Preparare Dulceata de Gogonele:. Spalam gogonelele si le taiem cuburi (eu am folosit rosiile cherry) sau le feliem dupa ce indepartam mijlocul lemnos.Gogonelele taiate le punem intr-o cratita si le lasam sa fiarba circa 40 minute acoperite cu capac. Amestecam in ele cat mai frecvent pentru a nu se prinde de cratita. In acest timp gogonelele fierb.Dupa trecerea celor 40 minute adaugam coaja. Daca nu stii cum sa folosesti rosiile care nu sunt coapte, pregateste o salata delicioasa. Aceasta reteta este foarte usoara. Asigura-te ca pregatesti mai multe borcane. Ingrediente: 1 kg rosii verzi, 3 cepe 1 lingura sare, 2 cani apa Jumatate pahar de otet 10%, jumatata cana zahar Cuisoare, boabe de piper Boabe de mustar, frunze [ Salata de gogonele si gogosari cu sos de mustar este deosebit de gustoasa si se prepara foarte usor, din ingrediente care raman dupa ce punem muraturile. Are un gust dulce acisor, poate fi servita langa mancare de cartofi, pilaf, sau pur si simplu langa un sndwich cu pate de ficat , sau vegetarian si avem, imediat, o cina usoara, daca nu avem.

Reteta Salata de iarna - culinar

Salata Gourmet pentru iarna este perfecta langa friptura de porc de pe masa de Craciun! Ingredient. 1 kg ciuperci albe si ghebe boabe de piper 5 ardei mari verzi boabe de mustar 4 linguri ulei 100 ml otet usturoi foi de dafin sar Piure de cartofi cu hrean si oua prepelita ote de mere cartofi salata verde lapte gogonele verzi. Salata de caracatita cu legume. Ingrediente: 700g de caracatita, 1 foaie de dafin, 2-3 fire de telina, 2 morcovi, £ÃÆ'),câteva linguri de ulei pentru prÃÆ'jit. Sezonul cald s-a terminat, iar mare parte din gospodine preferă să se ocupe acum de murăturile pentru iarnă. Care este rețeta perfectă pentru gogonele murate și ce trebuie să faci pentru a nu da greș? Rețetă pentru gogonele murate Românii adoră ca lângă felurile de mâncare de cele mai multe ori cât mai grase și [ Salată de crudități pentru iarnă cu muștar - rețetă. Ingrediente • 2 kg de gogoșari • 1 kg de morcovi • 1 kg de ardei gras • 1 kg de gogonele • 1 kg de ceapă • 1 țelină mare • 300 g de muștar dulce • 300 ml de oțet • 750 ml de ulei • 250 g de zahăr brut • 2 linguri de sare. Preparar

Un comentariu de exceptie, pentru care iti multumim. All the best! vasidubreu. September 6, Din gogonele verzi, faceam o salata pt iarna, cu maioneza din mustar, in asociatie cu ceapa, morcov si gogosari, foarte gustoasa. Poate fac o portie si anul asta, ptc tine f b, dar partea proasta e ca nu are cine s-o manance si sa muncesc doar pt 2-3. Rețetă de pepene roșu la murat.Pepenele la murat este una dintre cele mai inedite murături, cu un gust deosebit care completează multe mâncăruri.Iată de ce ai nevoie și cum se prepară. Potrivit, fiecare 100 de grame din acest fruct al îngerilor conţine 30 de calorii, 1 gram de fibre, 10 grame de zahăr, 1 gram de proteine, vitamina A, C, E, D, niacină, tiamină, vitamina. Am scris cantitatile pentru 11 borcane de 400 atatea mi-au iesit mie. Se spala gogonelele si se taie. Eu am gasit gogonele foarte mari (rosii verzi cum le numesc spaniolii, care le folosesc la salate) asa ca le-am taiat si in 7-8 . Ceapa se curata si.

(reteta de post) Reteta face parte din proiectul Descopera traditiile culinare romanesti derulat de agentia de relatii publice, Russenart Communications in parteneriat cu brandul Arpis. Reteta traditionala Salata de gogonele cu maioneza a fost oferita de Complex Draganesti de Vedea si preparata de Daimon Trattoria, in cadrul programului de educatie culinara Descopera traditiile. Pentru aceasta salata eu am folosit o combinatie de morcovi, gogosari, gogonele, varza rosie, ceapa, conopida si ardei iute. Pentru a aroma si a conserva in acelasi timp salata am folosit frunze de telina, hrean, otet, boabe de piper si de mustar, zahar, sare si foi de dafin Bomboane tip Raffaello cu nuca de cocos, curmale si prune. Bomboane Raffaello Raw Vegane. Chiftelute de vinete si linte. Gogosari cu miere in otet. Maioneza de avocado. Rosii uscate pentru iarna. Salata de cruditati raw. Salata de linte cu rosii sotat Pentru cultivarea cu succes a salatei, ne-am propus ca prin acest articol sa va aducem la cunostinta principalii factori de care trebuie sa tineti cont, precum si noi tehnologii, produse omologate si varietati ce se pot utiliza.. Principalii factori pentru o dezvoltare optima a culturii de salata . Temperatura Temperatura optima de germinare a salatei este de 18°C, inclusiv la nivelul.


Mergem in vacanta Meseria de parinte Femeia, frumusete si relaxare Cuplu, Dragoste, Sex, Relatie Legislativ, Drepturile parintilor Divortul Familia Verde Craciunul, Casa lui Mos Craciun Casa noastra, dulce cas Iarna deschid borcanul, adaug ulei, puțină ceapă proaspătă și salata este bună de mîncat. Se pregătește foarte repede, fără mult efort. Ingrediente: 4 kg.roșii verzi sau pușin buratice, 1 kg.morcov, 500 gr.ardei gras, 500 gr.gogoșari, cîteva cepe medii, ulei, sare, pătrunjel, cîteva frunze de dafin, aspirină

Salata de gogonele - Retete-Gustoase

am mincat cindva - undeva, prin zona moldovei - o astfel de salata, care mi-a placut la nebunie. continea si un fel de sos. din pacate, nu am reteta. ma poate ajuta cineva? multumes Intreaba despre Salata de castraveti verzi cu usturoi Tag-uri Populare. unt ceapa sare ulei faina oua cartofi ciuperci sos smantana lapte salata carne rosii lamaie morcovi piper pasare orez verdeata porc cascaval supa zahar mancare legume usturoi pui vin pesmet otet aluat telina crema desert gustar Rețeta aceasta de murături asortate în oțet este foarte gustoasă și nu vei pierde prea mult timp în bucătărie. Dacă îți plac și alte legume, le poți adăuga fără probleme. Pentru a colora zeama, folosește sfeclă roșie. Pentru ca murăturile asortate în oțet să nu se înmoaie, ai grijă să alegi sare neiodată Cum sa faci Salata de Gogonele. Keep up to date with the latest news! Enter your email address and press the send button! Sunt de acord ca datele mele personale să fie stocate și folosite pentru a primi noutăți și oferte comerciale. Trimite. Caută în reţete • Caută în articole. Intră în cont și pe forum Gogonele murate for iarna | . | Cuvinte cheie. Ingrediente: (for 4 bucati) 800 gr of carne tocata (of vita sau amestec),2 linguri of branza cu mugecai albastru,4 felii of salam uscat,o lingura of unt moale,o ceapa mica alba, taiata foarte marunt,condimente for gratar (incercati cu incredere Fuchs condimente for Barbeque American, le-am descoperit of curand si sunt foarte bune),4.

Salată de iarnă cu muştar

Adriana, multumesc pentru felicitari si pentru sugestie! Mie trei borcane de salata cu mustar imi sunt suficiente, deci nu le pun in practica, dar poate incearca Diana.

. Robert , poate un pic de dafin , da uite , acum este-n pregatire , am luat legumele , tre' sa le curat , sa le trag in otet (fara apa , nu ?)si musai se lasa la scurs pana maine ? pfffffffffffff . sunt convinsa ca merita atata ,,mocaiala" , eu am cantitati duble , daca muncesc , sa fie 6 borcane hihihi

Da, otetul trebuie sa fie fara apa si ar trebui sa le lasi la scurs. Vei vedea maine cata zeama se va strange.
Dar te-ai gandit si la reversul medaliei - daca nu-ti place salata, ce te faci cu 6 borcane? :))

Neaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , n-are cum sa nu ne placa , la cat de gurmanzi suntem - acum sa nu crezi ca sunt vreo grasana :)) toate sunt la scurs de acum si pana maine , abia astept sa simt ce iese , c-am mai adaugat una alta otetului . zic maine , k ?

Robeeeeeeeeeert , a iesit o salata cri-mi-na-la si-ti multumesc ptr reteta , dar nu fara peripetii . mai intai cand am facut solutia de otet cu zahar si cu ceva boabe de mustar si dafin si-am adaugat o parte din legume , am simtit ca mor , asa de ,,tare" era solutia . asa ca am diluat totul , dar dupa ce-am inmuiat toate legumele , mi-a parut rau ca n-am pus si ceva boabe de piper , dar spre norocul meu , mustarul cumparat era . iute buuun . am facut si ,,maioneza" si daca-s nauca :)))), n-am mai dat-o-n clocot si-am turnat-o peste legumele scurse , PERFECT , nu mi s-a taiat (cred ca teperatura ti-a taiat sosul tau). Am umplut fix 6 borcane pe care le-am fiert in cuptorul cu microunde , timp de 30' . Wow , mi-e teama ca mai fac o portie dubla .

:)) Si eu, care-mi faceam griji ca poate te trezesti cu prea multa salata. Cand colo, tu vad ca esti pe cale sa mananci numai salata cu mustar toata iarna :P
Se pare ca maioneza asta din mustar ne da batai de cap tuturor :) Cred ca trebuia sa folosesc si eu un mustar iute, eu am folosit unul normal ba chiar ma batea gandul sa iau unul dulce.

Chiar crezi ca doar asta vom papa ? n-ai idee cam ce-am pus in lada frig , zici ca suntem vreo 10/zi la masa .
Maioneza , cred ca nu trebuie supusa focului , altfel nu se taie , cu atata mustar . ce zici ?
Wk frumos !

am gustat si eu acum ceva vreme aceasta salata si mi s-a parut gustoasa, insa nu stiu cand ii va veni randul, sotului nu-i place mustarul :(
astept o donatie :)))))

Diana, sunt convins ca ai facut foarte multe conserve pentru iarna. M-am uitat pe net si am mai vazut retete in care mustarul se pune la foc, deci aici e vorba doar de nepriceperea mea )

Claudia, cu doar trei borcane nu prea sunt in postura de a-mi permite sa fac donatii :P Poate reusesti s-o sensibilizezi pe Diana :))

eu ieri am mancat prima data aceasta salata ,laga o friptura,si alaturi smantana. aramas friptura. mununata. la cine am mancat a pus si telina. buuuuunnnnnn

Daca salata te-a facut sa uiti de friptura, inseamna ca trebuie sa faci neaparat reteta, altfel la iarna s-ar putea sa poftesti :) Cred ca mi-ar placea si mie cu putina telina.


Se curata legumele si se toaca (gogonelele si gogosarii felii de un cm, ceapa solzi, castravetii felii, morcovii si telina pe razatoare). Se cantaresc si se pun intr-un vas mare amestecandu-se cu cate 20 g sare(o lingura plina, dar nu cu varf) pt fiecare kg de legume. Se lasa 2-3 ore.
Se scot apoi storcandu-se bine zeama care s-a lasat si se pun pe foc intr-o cratita, adaugandu-se cate 100 ml otet pt fiecare kg (tineti minte cantitatea initiala, dupa ce ati curatat legumele) si 10 g zahar (se mai pune in plus cate o aspirina / kg sau inca 50 ml otet. eu am preferat aspirina, ca sa nu iasa prea acra). Se adauga si condimentele si se tine pe foc pana se infierbanta bine toata compozitia, si legumele, si zeama (se amesteca mereu).
Se asaza in borcane, presand bine ca sa iasa aerul, se completeaza cu zeama, atat cat sa nu stea legumele in sec si se inchid. Nu se mai sterilizeaza.

Este o reteta de salata de iarna foarte buna, eu o fac in fiecare an si o putem servii alaturir de o friptura excelenta.Pofta buna .

Dried tomatoes in oil

Deci: simplu ca buna ziua! Iei rosiile, le speli, le tai felii, dar ai grija sa pastrezi cam aceeasi

Gogosari traditionali

Cureti gogosarii si-i tai in sferturi. Faci un bait din apa, otet, mirodenii,sare, miere, ulei. When


Salata de muraturi in sos de mustar este una din cele mai gustoase retete de muraturi. Merge foarte bine langa fripturi la gratar sau la cuptor, dar si langa snitele, Cordon Bleu sau Pui Kiev. Salata aceasta va fi exact ce va trebuie langa friptura de porc, pe masa de Craciun.

Salata de muraturi in sos de mustar se face usor. Gustul dulce-acrisor usor picant este foarte placut alaturi de legumele marinate in otet.

Culori, gusturi, arome si texturi diferite transforma aceasta salata intr-una senzationala. Am folosit gogosari, gogonele, morcovi, telina, ceapa.

Reteta am adapatat-o dupa cea primita de la prietena mea, Inna. La ea am mancat prima oara aceasta salata acum foarte multi ani si mi-a placut foarte mult, asa ca am vrut neaparat sa o fac si eu. Deja am mancat jumatate dintr-un borcan mic.

Mi-a spus ca ultima oara nu a rezistat foarte bine. Am folosit in plus, fara de reteta ei sare de muraturi. V-am lasat la final poza cu reteta de salata de muraturi in sos de mustar pe care mi-a trimis-o Inna.

Pentru ca aveam deja gogosari in casa mai multi decat erau trecuti in reteta, nu am mai pus si ardei grasi.

Am mai pregatit de-a lungul timpului si alte salate de muraturi. One dulce -acrisoara 100% naturala si una cu conservant.

Toate retetele mele de salata de muraturi sunt primite de la prietene sau fine.

Suntem in luna in care toata lumea pune conserve pentru iarna. Whether gogogari, fie gogonele, castraveti sau muraturi asortate, fie astfel de salate.

Una din cele mai frumoase conserve din camara mea, in aceasta toamna, este conopida murata roz in sfecla rosie.

Obisnuiesc sa pun cantitati mici-medii din toate felurile de conserve, astfel incat camara mea sa fie plina si frumoasa.

Salatele de muraturi sunt unele din cele mai apreciate muraturi, asa ca ma bucur sa va ofer cat mai multe retete de acest gen.

Am vazut pe net cateva variante de retete de gogosari in sos de mustar, cu mustarul pus la fiert, in otet. Sosul acela devine lichid, nu gros si cremos ca in aceasta reteta.

Ei bine, la aceasta salata sosul nu se fierbe. Se oparesc legumele, pe rand, apoi se lasa pana se racesc complet.

Legumele oparite in otet se amesteca cu 90% din sos. Restul de 10% se distribuie in toate borcanele, deasupra salatei, inainte sa sigilam borcanele.

Se fierb apoi borcanele in apa (dunstuire) 30 de minute si se lasa la racit sub paturi. Nu este nevoie de mai mult. Sosul de mustar (numit aici maioneza de mustar) ramane mai gros si cred ca acest lucru contribuie la gustul deosebit de bun al acestei salate de muraturi.

Parerea mea este ca acesta salata de muraturi in sos de mustar este cea mai buna reteta de salata de muraturi din cele trei pe care le-am pregatit pana acum.

Iata lista de ingrediente si modul de preparare pentru salata de muraturi in sos de mustar.


(pentru 2 borcane de 1300 ml si 1 borcan de 800 ml)

1.3 kg gogosari – cantariti dupa ce au fost curatati de cotoare si seminte

1 kg ceapa (cantarita dupa ce a fost curatata)

1 radacina telina foarte mare

30 g sare de muraturi + 1 lingura pentru frecat ceapa

300 g mustar simplu de masa

Pentru inceput am pornit cuptorul si am pus la sterilizat borcanele si capacele spalate in prealabil foarte bine.

Am pus la fiert otetul cu apa, zahar si sare pana cand acestea s-au topit. Am spalat bine gogosarii, i-am taiat si am indepartat cotoarele, semintele si nervurile, apoi i-am taiat in felii de 1 cm si le-am oparit maxim 5 minute in otet la foc mediu. Am verificat dupa 3 minute daca feliile sunt inca crocante. I-am pus in 3-4 transe astfel incat acestia sa stea bine si sa fie uniform acoperiti de otet. Nu se fierb excesiv de mult, pentru a nu-i terciui. Salata nu va fi buna cu gogosari moi.

Am scos gogosarii scurgandu-i cat mai bine de otet, apoi am oparit pe rand gogonele taiate in felii, morcovii feliati rondele foarte subtiri (dar pot fi si rasi), telina rasa si ceapa taiata Julien. Ceapa a fost frecata cu sare in prealabil si lasata 5-10 minute, apoi stoarsa si oparita.

Am lasat toate legumele sa se raceasca complet, apoi le-am pus in acelasi vas. Cu un mixer vertical am amestecat mustarul cu ulei pana am obtinut o crema omogena, ca o maioneza.

In functie de numarul de borcane si de cantitea de salata din acestea, se pastreaza sos de mustar pentru a acoperi salata, ca un fel de sigilare.

Restul de sos de amesteca cu legumele racite complet. Se pune salata in borcane, apoi cu o lingura (sau o lingurita la borcane mici) sos de mustar deasupra, se intinde, apoi se sigileaza cu capace ce se inchid bine.

Se pun intr-o oala incapatoare, pe fundul careia am pus un prosop. Intre borcane se aranjeaza alt prosopel, astfel incat sa nu stea lipite unele de altele. Apa ajunge la 3/4 din inaltimea borcanelor.

Se fierb 30-40 minute, din momentul in care apa da in clocot. Se lasa 2 ore apoi se scot si se lasa sa raceasca sub patura pana a doua zi. Dustuirea (fierberea borcanelor in bain marie) borcanelor cu salata de muraturi este obligatorie daca vreti ca acestea sa reziste mult timp.

Borcanele de salata de muraturi in sos de mustar se pastreaza excelent in loc foarte racoros – beci, camara.

Va doresc spor la pregatit conserve pentru iarna.

Va invit sa va abonati si la canalul de You Tube pentru a vedea cum am pregatit retete simple si gustoase in varianta video.

Salată de dovlecel la borcan – ține toată iarna și este foarte bună

Salata de dovlecel este foarte gustoasa. O prepar an de an dupa aceasta reteta simpla si usoara. Reteta de dovlecei cu morcovi si ardei am primit-o de la sora mea acum cativa ani. Iti recomand sa o incerci si tu!

Ingrediente pentru salata de dovlecei:

  • 2 kg dovlecei, 2 cepe
  • 2 ardei grasi rosii, 2 morcovi
  • 3 linguri sare, 3 lingurite boabe de mustar
  • 6 frunze de dafin, 6 boabe cusioare
  • 12 boabe piper negru

Ingrediente pentru marinada:

Method of preparation:

Spala bine toate legumele. Da dovlecelul pe o razatoare si pune-l intr-un bol incapator. Decojeste morcovii si taie-i in felii subtiri. Decojeste ceapa si tai-o solzisori. De asemenea, va trebui sa tai ardeii in fasii subtiri.

Combina toate legumele cu dovlecelul si amesteca bine cu mainile. Condimenteaza legumele cu sare si lasa-le deoparte pentru aproximativ 4 ore, pana cand dovlecelul lasa zeama.

Intre timp pregateste borcanele. Ingredientele date sunt suficiente pentru 6 borcane de 500 ml.

Strecoara legumele pentru a scapa de excesul de apa. Pune in fiecare borcan cate o jumatate de lingurita de seminte de mustar, o frunza de dafin, o boaba de cuisoare si 2 boabe de piper. Punem apoi legumele inghesuite in borcane.

Intre timp, pregateste marinada: fierbe apa cu otetul si zaharul. Apoi, folosind o manusa, toarna marinada fierbinte in borcane. Infileteaza capacele si pasteurizeaza borcanele.

Pune pe fundul unei oale cateva carpe de bucatarie. Adauga in oala borcanele cu salata si toarna apa cat sa acopere 3/4 din inaltimea borcanelor.

Dupa ce apa incepe sa fiarba, mai lasa oala pe foc aproximativ 15 minute. Scoatem apoi borcanele din apa si lasa-le sa se raceasca. Dupa ce se racesc complet, depoziteaza-le intr-un loc intunecos si rece.


Se curata legumele si se toaca (gogonelele si gogosarii felii de un cm, ceapa solzi, castravetii felii, morcovii si telina pe razatoare). Se cantaresc si se pun intr-un vas mare amestecandu-se cu cate 20 g sare(o lingura plina, dar nu cu varf) pt fiecare kg de legume. Se lasa 2-3 ore.
Se scot apoi storcandu-se bine zeama care s-a lasat si se pun pe foc intr-o cratita, adaugandu-se cate 100 ml otet pt fiecare kg (tineti minte cantitatea initiala, dupa ce ati curatat legumele) si 10 g zahar (se mai pune in plus cate o aspirina / kg sau inca 50 ml otet. eu am preferat aspirina, ca sa nu iasa prea acra). Se adauga si condimentele si se tine pe foc pana se infierbanta bine toata compozitia, si legumele, si zeama (se amesteca mereu).
Se asaza in borcane, presand bine ca sa iasa aerul, se completeaza cu zeama, atat cat sa nu stea legumele in sec si se inchid. Nu se mai sterilizeaza.

Este o reteta de salata de iarna foarte buna, eu o fac in fiecare an si o putem servii alaturir de o friptura excelenta.Pofta buna .

Dried tomatoes in oil

Deci: simplu ca buna ziua! Iei rosiile, le speli, le tai felii, dar ai grija sa pastrezi cam aceeasi

Gogosari traditionali

Cureti gogosarii si-i tai in sferturi. Faci un bait din apa, otet, mirodenii,sare, miere, ulei. When

Salata de legume pentru iarna

Conopida o desfacem buchetele mici , o lasam jumatate de ora in apa rece apoi o punem intr-o strecuratoare la scurs.

Spalam si curatam gogosarii de cotoare si seminte si ii taiem fideluta.

Tocam varza alba si rosie.

Curatam si spalam morcovul si telina si le dam pe razatoarea mare.

Amestecam toate legumele intr-un vas mare.

Punem otetul ,uleiul,zaharul si sarea la fiert .Lasam sa dea cateva clocote si il turnam fierbinte peste legume.

Lasam la macerat 24 de ore.In acest interval avem grija sa amestecam de cateva ori in salata.

A doua zi punem salata cu tot cu zeama in borcane curate si sterilizate.Depozitam borcanele in camara sau beci.

Daca locul de depozitare nu este racoros,adaugati un pachet conservant sau 5- 6 aspirine.