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Delicious Devils on Horseback recipe

Delicious Devils on Horseback recipe

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Place one of these morsels into your mouth and experience a flavour and texture explosion. Dates are stuffed with smoked almonds, then wrapped in streaky bacon and seasoned with ginger soy sauce, before being baked.

45 people made this

IngredientsMakes: 20

  • 20 cocktail sticks
  • 4 tablespoons reduced salt soy sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 110g dark brown soft sugar
  • 20 dates, pitted and left whole
  • 20 whole smoked almonds
  • 10 rashers streaky bacon, cut in half crosswise

MethodPrep:30min ›Cook:15min ›Extra time:15min cooling › Ready in:1hr

  1. Preheat oven to 200 C / Gas 6. Soak the cocktail sticks in a bowl of water. Grease a 20x30cm baking dish.
  2. In a bowl, mix together the soy sauce and ground ginger. Place the dark brown soft sugar into a shallow bowl. Spread open a pitted date, then stuff it with a smoked almond. Wrap the date with half a bacon rasher, secure it with a cocktail stick, dip the bundle in soy sauce mixture and then dip it into dark brown soft sugar. Place the wrapped dates into the prepared baking dish. If desired, sprinkle a little more dark brown soft sugar over the bundles.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven until the bacon is brown and crisp, 15 to 25 minutes. Allow to cool for about 15 minutes before serving; serve warm or at room temperature.

Double or triple the recipe for a large crowd! You can also use prunes or dried apricots instead of dates or mango chutney instead of the almonds. Serve on top of watercress greens.

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by AmyGirl

These are awesome!! I had these back in the 80's when I was stationed in Bermuda. Feel free to substitute walnuts for the almonds, apricots for the dates, I've even used smoked oysters and sliced water chestnuts wrapped with the bacon ... limitless combinations.-24 Sep 2010

by jackstraw

I made these today with smokehouse almonds, figs, low sodium bacon, and brown sugar (I forgot to buy soy sauce and ginger). I also sprinkled them with red pepper flakes after they were in the cake pan, because I wanted them to have some kick (they are devils, after all). They take a little while to put together, but they cook up quickly, and they're REALLY good. My buddy who was over to watch football loved them, as did my girlfriend's buddy who was over to get her hair done. If you want something tasty and impressive, and you don't mind taking a little time to make them, these are awesome. I think I'm gonna make a super spicy batch for Halloween.-09 Oct 2010

by Smith711

This was a hit! We demolished them in about 2 seconds. Everybody wanted more. Only thing I would suggest don't do to much brown sugar. This was a easy quick recipe.-24 Jan 2011

Demons on Horseback Appetizer

Devils on Horseback is as easy as it gets. It’s traditionally served around the Christmas holiday’s and varieties vary. You can stuff the dates with mango chutney and serve it over watercress, you can stuff them with smoked or regular almonds and simply stuff them with cheese. And if you can’t find dates, prunes also work..
Here’s what we used..
12 medjool dates, pitted.
4 slices of cheese (I found a cheese with blue and cheddar in it).
6 slices of bacon (we used nueskes)
*For this recipe, you can use crumbled cheese, a block of cheese… it doesn’t have to be sliced. And try experimenting with different kinds. Gorgonzola, blue, sharp cheddar….
Slice each date in half and gently open them up. Stuff enough cheese in center then close the date up. Dates can be pretty sticky so the seal up nicely. We pre-cooked our bacon for about 10 minutes at 400 degrees F. Cut each slice of bacon in half then wrap around each cheese stuffed date. Take a tooth pick and stab it through the middle the give that extra secure pinch..
Cook in pre heated oven for about 15 minutes. If you choose to use the bacon without pre cooking it first, it’ll take more like 25 minutes, but then you risk spilling more of that lovely melted cheese..
That’s it! The dates are sweet and the bacon is smokey and salty therefore it’s a great flavor profile on your tongue. If you like a little spice, try adding a thin slice of jalapeno or serrano inside the bacon slice..
Check out nueske’s bacon website here:
or this amazon link:
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5 Inspired Twists on Devils on Horseback

These five fresh takes on the classic appetizer actually only scratch the surface of what you can dream up.

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Photo By: Heather Ramsdell ©2015, Food Network

Photo By: Heather Ramsdell ©2015, Food Network

Photo By: Heather Ramsdell ©2015, Food Network

Photo By: Heather Ramsdell ©2015, Food Network

Photo By: Heather Ramsdell ©2015, Food Network

Photo By: Heather Ramsdell ©2015, Food Network

Photo By: Heather Ramsdell ©2015, Food Network

Photo By: Heather Ramsdell ©2015, Food Network

Reimagining a Classic

Traditionally, these sweet, porky bites are built upon a pitted date or prune stuffed with a sharp cheese (like blue cheese), and a small piece of liver and/or an orange segment. Then, everything gets wrapped in bacon and roasted until crispy.

But of course, where there’s tradition, there are also fresh takes on it. And these puzzle-like appetizers lend themselves to creative ingredient combos.

Choose Your Own Adventure

A vast variety of dried fruit, cheese, savory add-ins and pork can create a delicious devil on horseback — and we also like adding a vinegar or syrup to sharpen the flavor. Don’t shy away from unorthodox combinations instead of nuts, for instance, pair gherkins with ham and mustard. Consult this mix-and-match grid to get you started (ingredients named from left):

Dried Fruit: figs, dates, prunes, apricots, pears

Cheese: farmer cheese, ricotta, Gruyère, goat, blue

Crunch: pistachios, cinnamon, gherkins, Marcona almonds, hazelnuts

Pork: prosciutto, bacon, baked ham, Serrano ham, speck

Final Touch: lemon, maple syrup, mustard, sherry vinegar, balsamic vinegar

Assembly Line

The options for devils on horseback are limitless, but the execution always is simple and rustic. Start by picking a fruit and stuffing it with cheese. Then tuck in a nut (or another extra — like our gherkins), add a flavor-enhancing drizzle, and wrap with pork.

Traditionally, the assembled bites get baked in the oven until crisp, hot and oozing, but we created options that are just as tasty raw (with the exception of bacon, which requires cooking).

The glaze gives the dates an unparalleled sweet, spicy and herbal flavor, and it couldn’t be easier to make. Mix maple syrup with fresh rosemary and Aleppo pepper, which has a subtly sweet spice (if you don’t have Aleppo pepper you can use red pepper flakes instead).

  • Cut a slit in the dates and remove the pits.
  • Stuff each date with about ½ teaspoon of goat cheese.
  • Press a salted almond into the goat cheese, then use your fingers to close the date back up (it won’t close completely).
  • Wrap each stuffed date in a half strip of bacon and secure it with a toothpick. Arrange the prepared dates on a baking sheet (you can do this up to 1 day ahead).
  • Bake the dates for 10 minutes, then flip them over. Bake for 10 minutes longer. Brush the dates with the glaze, then return them to the oven for 5 minutes. Flip the dates again (now they’re the way they started) and brush them with more glaze. Cook until the bacon is browned and crisp, 4-6 minutes longer.
  • Immediately transfer the dates to a serving platter and brush them any any leftover glaze. Sprinkle with flaky sea salt. Let the dates cool for 5-10 minutes before serving.

For the best results, cook bacon wrapped dates in a 375˚F (190˚C) oven, flipping them occasionally to ensure that the bacon evenly browns and crisps, about 30 minutes total.

You can completely prep bacon wrapped dates up to 1 day before cooking. Arrange the stuffed dates on a baking sheet, cover them with plastic wrap, and refrigerate. Bake the dates right before serving.

Goat cheese works wonderfully, or you can use a small chunk of hard aged cheese, such as Parmigiano or Manchego. Avoid super soft cheeses such as cream cheese or mascarpone, which will leak out of the dates.

The Kitchy Kitchen

These bites used to be the hottest appetizer of the 70’s and are way overdue for a comeback. Possibly named after Norman warriors who terrorized southern England, these little treats are ugly as sin but oh so delicious. They will be hoovered up in a minute so definitely have some extra floating around. The toothpicks, while kitsch, also make them an extremely convenient hors d’oeuvres. Enjoy!


20 medjool dates (or any large date), pitted

1 small log of fresh chevre

10 strips of bacon, cut in half crosswise


Preheat the oven to 375 F. Poke your finger in the pitted dates, creating a little hole. Take a small junk of chevre (between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon) and push it into the date. Don’t overfill them, otherwise you’ll get a mess in the oven. Wrap each filled date in one half-slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Place them on a rimmed baking sheet (I put mine on top of a silicone pad or wrap in aluminum and top with parchment) and bake for 20-30 minutes, or until the bacon is fully crisped. There will be some grease on the pan, so before plating, pat the dates on a paper towel. Plate and serve after they’ve cooled for a few minutes. They’re hot!

24 fresh Medjool dates
4 ounces Gorgonzola cheese
12 strips thick applewood smoked bacon
24 toothpicks

Using a sharp paring knife make a slit down one side of the date and remove the pit. Take about 1 tsp worth of cheese and stuff the date in the empty cavity. Cut a strip of bacon in half crosswise. Wrap half a piece of bacon around the date and secure with a toothpick. Repeat with remaining dates using 1/2 piece of bacon per dates. Be sure and place toothpick so bacon will not uncurl as it cooks.

Place stuffed dates on a foil lined baking sheet. Place under broiler for about 10 minutes. Remove from oven when bacon is crispy. Drain on paper towels briefly then serve.

Devils on Horseback Recipe

This is a quick and easy recipe if you only have a few minutes or if you find you have more guests than you thought! Have you made a devils on horseback recipe before? You will find it’s easy! As long as you have the livers, you will almost definitely have the other ingredients to hand too because you only need bread, spices and some bacon. This is a great recipe to use as a starter and everyone who likes meat will enjoy it.

Devils on Horseback Recipe: A Special Snack

Devils on horseback might conjure up a strange image until you realize this is the name given to bacon-wrapped sausages or another kind of bacon-wrapped meat mixture. Yep, that’s all a devils on horseback recipe is. No horses involved. Or devils! Serve these alongside your Christmas dinner or offer them as starters. They are always good.

This devils on horseback recipe includes chicken livers and those are wrapped in the bacon. The finished devils on horseback are best served on toast and then sprinkled with spices for some devilment! Nostalgic for some, this is a recipe which might have made an appearance at a special occasion such as Christmas or at another time, and stayed in your memory because of the special flavor. Simple yet delicious and offering a hint of spiciness, this recipe is always worth making.

Devils on Horseback with Gochujang Gastrique

Solve all of your holiday entertaining woes with these epic sweet and sour Devils on Horseback with Gochujang Gastrique!


  • 12 Medjool Dates, Pitted
  • 2 ounces, fluid Herb Chevre
  • 4 strips Applewood Smoked Bacon, Cut In Thirds Crosswise
  • Sea Salt For Finishing
  • ¼ cups Sugar
  • 1 Tablespoon Water
  • ¼ cups Red Wine Vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon Gochujang Sauce


Spread open the slit in the date. Take about ½ to 1 teaspoon of goat cheese and press into the date. Take care not to overfill them. Wrap each filled date in 1/3 slice of bacon and secure with a toothpick. Place on a rimmed baking sheet and bake for 25–30 minutes, or until bacon is fully crisped.

While dates cook, prepare gastrique. Combine sugar and water in a small heavy-bottomed saucepan. Cook over medium-high heat until sugar is dissolved. Continue to cook without stirring until the liquid reaches a light blond caramel color, 5–8 minutes, swirling gently to help mixture cook evenly. Add red wine vinegar all at once (mixture will boil very rapidly).

Continue to cook until sugar is re-dissolved, about 3 minutes. Add gochujang to the pan and reduce until slightly syrupy, about 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from heat.

Pat the dates on a paper towel to remove excess grease once cooled slightly. Pour slightly cooled gastrique over the top of the dates, avoiding the toothpicks as much as possible.

Sprinkle the tops of the dates with sea salt and serve after they’ve cooled for a few minutes.

Devils on Horseback

The class that Kramer and I took at The Brooklyn Kitchen on Wednesday was so much fun I can’t wait to sign up for another class, soon. The instructor made everything understandable and easy – I’m going to be breaking down birds like Hung in season three of Top Chef in no time at all, just you watch. We also renewed the lease on our apartment on Wednesday, which was a huge relief. I absolutely adore our place and I never want to move. The area has really started to pick up and become pretty trendy/hip (as the kids say) in the past year that we’ve been there, and I always worry about being priced out of the apartment. Thankfully, our landlord is awesome and let us renew for another two years. After our class, Kramer and I decided to celebrate our successes by having a beer at a bar that opened up literally around the corner from our apartment called The Tradesman. It’s brand new, but I hear that they are working on fixing up the backyard and plan to have food, too, so I couldn’t be happier. It’s nice to finally have a neighborhood spot. There is a place called duckduck down the street from us, but The Tradesman is definitely a bit more my speed.

As you may recall, I posted these Vanilla Spice Poached Pears last week. They make a great dessert all on their own, but they are even better when paired with something savory. The inspiration for these comes from The Spotted Pig, which an absolutely fabulous little restaurant run by the incredibly talented April Bloomfield (who, as it turns out, has a cookbook coming out next month that I have already pre-ordered, of course, called A Girl and Her Pig). We had these Devils on Horseback as an appetizer when we last went to The Spotted Pig and immediately fell in love. The sweet Medjool dates work ever so well with the spiced poached pears and the smokey, crispy bacon. I made these for a party I had a little while ago, and they were all gone by the end of the night. I especially loved these because while most people seem to want to stuff dates or figs with cheese, I thought the poached pears were a lovely change of pace and made more sense when eaten alongside the bacon. You might want to make a lot of these, because your friends and family will definitely be demanding more after they try one.

Your ingredients.

Take the pits out of the dates with a small paring knife.

Cut your poached pears into small cubes that fit inside of the dates – you can stuff ’em in there, don’t worry.

I stuffed the dates on one day and baked them on another – efficiency!

Cut your slices of bacon in half horizontally, then wrap each date in a half-slice of bacon. Bake at 400 degrees F for 15-20 minutes, until the bacon is crispy. You can pull them out, brush with the poached pear liquid, and then broil briefly to caramelize the sugar, but it’s not necessary.

Serve warm and watch them disappear.

D is for: Devils on Horseback Don’t you just love those Dos Equis commercials? As I was driving around the other day I heard this Halloween one: “His deviled eggs recipe involves actual witchcraft.” Classic. As you know, I posted a devilish egg recipe Monday. Anyways, as I was searching around for more Halloween-themed appetizer recipes, I came across an appetizer called “Devils on Horseback.” When I clicked on the description and saw dates (or prunes), prosciutto (or bacon), and some sort of stuffing (cheese, almonds, or chutney)…I realized I’ve indeed had these delicious treats, I had just never heard the name before. (And two “D’s”…perfect for “D” week! Sold). I was actually interested in where this name came from, so I did a little research for you. From what I can tell, it is a play on another appetizer called “Angels on Horseback” which are bacon-wrapped oysters. Substituting dried fruit is the less expensive and darker alternative. (I also found a hilarious entry on Factopedia, claiming the name came from medieval soldiers using bacon as armor. I laughed out loud when I read that one.) Anyways…onto the little devils. An easy way to fancy these up is a balsamic glaze. All you need to do is combine vinegar, brown sugar, and soy sauce in a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer until thick and syrupy, about 20 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. (You can transfer to a squeeze bottle for easier drizzling). While that is reducing, cut each piece of prosciutto in half lengthwise and then again the other way so you have 4 small strips. Stuff each date with an almond, and roll up in a strip of prosciutto. I would suggest smoked almonds, though I found these garlic roasted almonds at Rainbow Grocery, and they were perfect. Mix softened butter and maple syrup. Place dates on a parchment-lined baking sheet seam side down and brush with a little bit of the maple butter (this will help caramelize and crisp the prosciutto). Bake for 15-20 minutes at 375. Drizzle platter with balsamic glaze, arrange dates on top, pierce with cocktail toothpicks, and serve! (Note: I probably should’ve waited a little longer before drizzling, as syrup hadn’t completely set up yet and it was still a little runny. I used it again later on caprese salads, and it was perfect consistency). For a great wine pairing for this appetizer…head over to my friend Kim’s wine blog to see what she chose to complement them. Prosciutto Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Almonds (aka Devils on Horseback) [printable recipe] INSTRUCTIONS:

    1. Preheat oven 350°. Line a baking sheet with tinfoil and set aside. Cut a slit down the side of each date and ease out the pit with the end of your knife (don’t worry about ruining the date this isn’t a delicate procedure).
    2. Slice your bacon into thirds. Wrap one piece around each date with the seam on top. Wrap another piece over the top of each date, with the seam on the bottom.
    3. Place your bacon wrapped dates in rows on the baking sheet and bake for 30-40 minutes or until the bacon is crisp. Allow to rest on top of the stove for 10 minutes.
    4. Serve warm to the mysterious inhabitant of the catacombs under the Paris Opera House!

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