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Get Ready for the Return of the World's Best-Tasting Salmon

Get Ready for the Return of the World's Best-Tasting Salmon

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Copper River King and Sockeye salmon, widely touted as the “best-tasting salmon in the world” are finally back in season

Copper River salmon is known as the best-tasting kind of salmon in the world.

It’s been called the best-tasting salmon in the world, and it’s back. The Copper River king and sockeye salmon, well known for their high healthy fat content and nutritional benefits, are back in season. The mighty Copper River in Alaska are home to these salmon, which have a higher oil content than other fish because they have to store fat for their epic annual journey through the Copper River. Copper River king salmon are not on sale everywhere, but if the salmon are not sold at your local grocery store, you can get them by ordering through

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Not only do these salmon taste good, but according to, they also contain a ton of omega 3 fatty acids, the healthy kind of fat that’s often found in fish. Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to improve the heart health of people who regularly consume the fat, and can also help combat psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer and migraines.

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