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Simpson Wong Teams Up with Tiger Beer to Host a Singaporean-Style Clambake on September 6

Simpson Wong Teams Up with Tiger Beer to Host a Singaporean-Style Clambake on September 6

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Enjoy a classic Singaporean clambake, complete with Tiger Beer all night, this Sunday at Chomp Chomp

Chomp Chomp’s clambake was inspired by Wong’s childhood, and is part of a number of livelier neighborhood events to come from the chef.

On Sunday, September 6, New York City chef Simpson Wong will team up with Tiger Beer, the iconic Singaporean beer, to host Chomp Chomp’s “Last Send-Off for the Summer,” a farewell to the heat in the form of a Singaporean-style clambake.

For $50, guests will be able to enjoy an enormous spread that includes a clambake — clams, mussels, shrimps, lobsters, sausage, and corn marinated in house spices and Tiger Beer — crispy chicken wings marinated in shrimp paste, and Tiger Beer-marinated spicy clams. Tiger Beer will be also be available for the duration for only $1.

Finally, for dessert, guests can cool off with offerings like pineapple pie and goreng pisang, or banana fritters.

“I’ve lived in the West Village for over a decade and the clambake is our way of introducing fun and lively events complemented by special dishes at Chomp Chomp,” chef Wong told The Daily Meal. “The clambake is also inspired by my childhood, fishing in a river in the village we grew-up [sic] in, catching seafood with our bare hands and with homemade fishing nets. We would cook the seafood under the wide open expanse using banana leaves as a base with lots of herbs and spices that we would forage in the woods nearby our river.”

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