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Baked butterflies with eggplant and yogurt sauce with Feta cheese

Baked butterflies with eggplant and yogurt sauce with Feta cheese

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Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Boil the pasta in salted water, according to the instructions on the package. They are leaking water.

Meanwhile, chop the onion and finely chopped garlic. Eggplant and pepper are cut into 1 cm cubes.

Heat a little olive oil in a large pan over medium heat and sauté the onion, along with oregano and cinnamon, for 2 minutes.

Add the eggplant and pepper and cook for another 8-10 minutes. At the last minute, add the garlic. Add the minced meat and Delikat spices. Cook for 5 minutes. In the last 2 minutes add tomato paste and 6 tablespoons of water. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Meanwhile, mix the yogurt with the Feta cheese. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add 1/4 of the amount of yogurt over the pasta and mix well.

Transfer the meat mixture to a suitable oven dish, if necessary. Add the pasta on top in an even layer, then the yogurt sauce. Bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven.


-a large eggplant, or 2 smaller ones-approx. 400 g
-2 eggs,
-faina, pesmet
-200g mozzarella, or any cheese that melts nicely in the oven
-red tomatoes or pulp are red peeled
-salt, pepper, basil, olive oil
-oil for frying

Procedure:) (says a friend naturalized in Italy)
I cut the eggplant into slices, without peeling them.
I salted them, peppered them and left them on the napkins to sweat.

I prepared the ingredients for the bread.
Flour, eggs and breadcrumbs.

I dressed the eggplants in dresses and tanned them in oil, on both sides.

I prepared the dish. I greased it with a little oil and then I put the eggplant.
On each medallion, put a piece of mozzarella, a tomato or red peeled cubes.
Fragrance the medallions with basil leaves, salt, pepper and a few drops of olive oil.
This is what they look like before you put them in the oven.

After 15-20 minutes I am ready.
Good appetite !


God how it looks. I will steal the recipe.

Doesn't that cheese reach me? : D
It looks divine. I note that I like eggplant to die :)

it was raining in my mouth. on the weekend I experiment too! thanks for visiting and commenting. and because it comes to cherries, my mother ate cherry compote (or cherries?) with polenta when she was little. chiselita! how is it

Lia, I was really wondering what else you're up to! And now I see! Your teenage eggplants are conquering. I liked how you described them! I have to put an implementation.
A good evening!

I often make breaded eggplants, but I never thought of baking them with a slice of mozzarella. Tomorrow I'll take a tour too :) Thanks for the idea!

They are great as dinner or a spectacular appetizer

Geta, you're a welcome & quothot :)

Know that it stretches.

You should know that my father also eats polenta with plum magic.
I believe that "delicacies" were the delights of their childhood.
Grandma eats homemade bread with plums.
That's what I tried, and it's good.

Worth implementing :) that they are delicious.

With great pleasure foot.
And I make panes from everything I catch.
Zucchini, mushrooms, eggplant.

It's nice that you can prepare them
a few hours before and
put them in the oven when the guests come.

it never occurred to me that eggplant can be so delicious. I solemnly promise to try this recipe as soon as possible. Just to fool someone into going to the market to buy some eggplant.
kiss with love

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Poftangiu & # 8230 I am not a spoiler of seasonal eggplants, tender and seedless, but the challenge of cutting them and dressing them in flour dresses was so strong that I proceeded, step by step, - according to Mrs. Lia's instructions, - to transform them into variety snacks. I stalked the oven and, with my eyes on the clock, in order to make strabismus, I extracted the tray in time, the alchemy proving to be not only rosy but also a harbinger of subtle gustatory pleasures.
It was later confirmed to me that this was the case, and I grabbed them all. The sea was gone. I also took pictures. I posted them on the blog, because I don't know here..b

I am very happy when I become
& quotSanda Marin & quot, for the greedy.

the medallions are great, they look good too

in 5 minutes they come out of the oven. it looks gorgeous and gives off an aroma. I'm so hungry

Mini Butterflies with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil




Ingredients & # 8211 4 people:

  • 300 grams Mini Butterfly Barilla
  • 300 grams of cherry tomatoes
  • 150 grams of Mozzarella
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • fresh basil leaves
  • sea ​​salt and freshly ground black pepper


  • Boil the pasta al-dente according to the instructions on the package, rinse lightly without cooling them completely and let it drain in a strainer.
  • Heat the oil in a pan, put the sliced ​​garlic and sauté for no more than 1 minute, just enough to develop the specific flavor.
  • Add the cherry tomatoes cut in half and sauté over medium heat for about 3-5 minutes or until the core is penetrated.
  • Stop the cooking source, season the sauce with salt and pepper, and incorporate the Mini Butterflies in this sauce, stirring carefully so as not to crush the ingredients.
  • Slice into individual plates, add diced mozzarella cheese, and sprinkle with freshly chopped basil.

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Baked butterflies with eggplant and yogurt sauce with Feta cheese - Recipes

With the publication of the book "Nutritional Scale" Dr. Pierre Dukan proposes a modified version of the famous diet, easier and addressed especially to those who want to lose less than 15 kilograms. The 15 kg obviously do not lose weight in 7 days, but lose weight over time. After the first 7 days, the cycle resumes and so on until the desired weight is reached!

The advantage of this option is that it does not lead to frustration caused by lack of food. Weight loss is progressive (according to a two-month study, the loss is 700-800 g per week).

It is a new principle that is based on the gradual introduction of food. This way you will not miss any food group from your weekly menu.

Weight loss is slower, but it is safe, thanks to the reformulation of the first two phases of the classic dukan diet - Attack + Cruise & # 8211 and the creation of a single phase differentiated on the 7 days of the week.

7 days, 7 steps until you reach the desired weight.


Protein (red meat, poultry, fish, skim milk, eggs)

It is a day associated with the attack, based on the consumption of pure protein (meat, skim milk, eggs) consumed in unlimited quantities.

Sports - 20 minutes of brisk walking

Drinks - 2 l minimum water (limited salt consumption)

Emenu example:


1 coffee (with sweetener and skim milk)


Protein + vegetables

A day of classic PL. To the pure proteins are added vegetables (fresh garlic, asparagus, eggplant, broccoli, celery leaves, celery, mushrooms, fresh asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, red cabbage, cabbage, pumpkin, palm heart, cucumber, zucchini, squash raw endive, spinach, green beans, mixed vegetables nature, salad, mixed vegetables canned vegetables, turnips, onions, sorrel, parsley, dandelion, leeks, red peppers, green peppers, pumpkin, radishes, tomatoes).

Limit the consumption of carrots, beets and artichokes, but do not exclude them from the diet.

Consuming leeks (rich in vitamins A and C) stimulates the elimination of water and provides few calories with 25kcal per 100 grams.

Sports - 20 minutes of brisk walking

Drinks - 2 l minimum water (limited salt consumption)

Example menu:


1 coffee (with sweetener and skim milk)


Protein + vegetables + 150 g fruits

Wednesday is the day to eat protein and vegetables, to which are added 150 g of fruit (except bananas, grapes and nuts).

A portion of fruit is represented by an apple, an orange, a pear, a grapefruit, 3 small tangerines, a casserole of strawberries or raspberries, a kiwi, etc.

Sports - 30 minutes of brisk walking

Tolerated - 1 tolerated food

Drinks - 2 l minimum water (limited salt consumption)

Example menu:


1 coffee (with sweetener and skim milk)


Protein + vegetables + 150 g fruit + 45g wholemeal bread

Thursday is a day when we can eat the food from the previous day to which we can add 45 g of wholemeal bread (2 slices).

Bread is rich in ideal fibers in transit, vitamins and minerals.

Sports - 30 minutes of brisk walking + 1 set of exercises (or 40 minutes of brisk walking)

Tolerated - 1 tolerated food

Drinks - 1.5 l water minimum (limited salt consumption)

Example menu:


1 coffee (with sweetener and skim milk) or tea


Protein + vegetables + 150 g fruit + 45 g wholemeal bread + 40 g cheese

Today we eat foods from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, to which we add 40 g of cheese. It is a good source of calcium and vitamin D.

-1 serving of hard cheese (Emmentaler, Gruyere, Volume, Parmesan)

-1 serving of cream cheeses, such as Camembert, Brie, Reblochon cheese, goat.

-1 serving of fresh cheese, with 15-20% fat (mozzarella, feta cheese, Emmentaler).

Sports - 30 minutes of brisk walking + 2 sets of exercises (or 45 minutes of brisk walking)

Tolerated - 1 tolerated food

Drinks - 1.5 l water minimum (limited salt consumption)

Example menu:


1 coffee (with sweetener and skim milk) or tea

+ 1 slice of turkey ham


Protein + vegetables + 150 g fruit + 45 g wholemeal bread + 40 g cheese + 200 g starch

To the food consumed on Friday we add starches (200 g prepared, about 70 g unprepared). Consume a single portion (lentils, peas, beans, basmati rice, al dente pasta, semolina, bulgur, quinoa). Preferably avoid potatoes.

They contain starch, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins.

Sports - 30 minutes of brisk walking + 4 sets of exercises (or 60 minutes of brisk walking)

Tolerated - 1 tolerated food

Drinks - 1.5 l water minimum (limited salt consumption)

Example menu:


1 coffee (with sweetener and skim milk) / tea

+ 2 slices of defatted ham

Soup + baked chicken pasta + pear compote with sweetener

Broccoli puree + grilled chicken breast


It is where we relax. We keep the food on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. You can go to the restaurant or eat at home. Today, no frustration!

The gala meal can consist of: 1 appetizer, 1 main course, 1 dessert or cheese, 1 glass of wine.

Sports - 60 minutes of brisk walking + 4 sets of exercises

Tolerated - 1 tolerated food

Drinks - 1.5 l water minimum (limited salt consumption)

Example menu:


1 coffee (with sweetener and skim milk) or 1 tea

+ 1 slice of ham or a boiled egg

2 slices of wholemeal bread + 40 g hard cheese

After each 7-day cycle, a new cycle begins and so on until the desired weight is reached. Once this weight is reached, enter the consolidation phase of the classic dukan diet, followed by stabilization!

Remember, before starting any diet, find out about its principles and consult the doctor who is following you (family doctor).

Pierre Dukan, The nutritional ladder, 2014

122 Responses to Nutritional scale - the new dukan method

I'm glad the material came out easy to understand.

Waw & # 8230super
I have a question, please. Do you think it matters on Sunday if I am in PP or PL to start the new principle on Monday?
Thank you very much!

Are there 2 fruits a day? I saw on other pages that it is only 1 fruit of 150 gr & # 8230

1 larger fruit or 2 smaller ones & # 8230

Hi, I'm on a 2 month and 5 day diet. I am satisfied, I lost about 8 kg but for more than 2 weeks I have been stagnant I did not mention I am on the pp-pl cruise.
I would like some advice, I am selling stagnation, to switch to the new option? I would like to lose 4-5 kg ​​no more.
I exercise, especially walking & # 8230 almost daily, but much more than 30 minutes.
greeting cards for recipes! they have been a real support to me and I always find something good to do, bravo!

My husband is now in the consolidation period. You should keep it until July. Did the attack take place and the cruise & # 8230? Does this new stage & # 8230 actually replace the consolidation one? Could he keep it and then go into stabilization? Thanks

It does not replace it. The new version overlaps with the first 3 of the dukan diet, so not only with consolidation.

Good evening, very permissive this new perfect diet even, for 4 weeks I started this one with the nutritional scale and I lost 1 kg per week.

Bravo Anamaria. I'd like you to keep us posted.

7 weeks of nutritional scale have passed and it works perfectly in some weeks we even lost 1.5 kg and we even keep the holiday table on Sunday and there were also the holidays and I cheated but the scale needle goes all the way down, I lost 12 kg in 2 half a month and I have 4 more, which I will give down in 3 weeks and then stabilization

Bravo Anamaria. I'm glad to hear that it works (I only kept the classic version). Lose weight and tell us the end result.

finally a comment that says the new version works. Thanks.
But I have a doubt & # 8230. Do not have to go into consolidation?
How about stabilization?

Yes, it stabilizes first and then stabilization.

I also have a doubt .. has anyone ever consumed avocado in this diet? Because most people say that this fruit is actually a vegetable, which contains a lot of good protein and fat.

After I got rid of unwanted kg ... how is maintenance done? Is the final stabilization starting?

Please help me,
I am 65 years old and in poor health, all my life I struggled with diets and kg frames, do you think this program is good for me?
I am 103 kg and 159 cm, please help me a lot

Unfortunately I am not a doctor and I cannot make recommendations.

Exactly to my liking this variant! I lost 17 kg with the classic Dukan, I took a break and I would like to lose another 5 kg, so the new method is what I need! Thanks for the post, you are a great help! Have you tried it?

Good luck! I haven't tried it. But there are girls who are already 3-4 weeks old and lose an average of about 1 kg per week.

I would like to start this diet, I only have one question, do I have to eat something from each category in order for the diet to have an effect, for example in z5 if I don't eat wholemeal bread or hard cheese (which I don't like anyway) does something happen? I weigh 1.69 and 84 kg, thank you

Dalia has nothing, there are days when although 2 slices of wholemeal bread are allowed I don't eat them or I don't eat the fruit, she doesn't have anything :) the allowed foods are to make the diet easier and to make our life easier but if not I noticed that in the week when I don't eat the whole wheat bread I lose about 1.2 kg a little more than in the weeks when I eat the bread.

Hi I am 1.69 and 84 kg and I want to start this diet, I have a question, you must eat something from each category to have a diet effect, for example in z5 if I do not eat wholemeal bread or hard cheese (which I do not like anyway ) is something going on? if thank you

Unfortunately, I can't give you an answer to this question, because I don't own it either. Probably nothing is happening.

Hi, I am in the attack phase for 3 days (the old recipe) I lost 3 kg, it works well, just that today I have a stomach ache & # 8230. Because I ate too much? I cook the chicken breast in the oven on the grill tray (I keep it in the oven a lot) maybe that's why my stomach hurts as the meat is too dry. I want to lose 20 kg & # 8230 so I have a lot of work & # question is: if I boil chicken breast in water with vegeta and spices is it ok? Is it valid, ie equivalent to grilled chicken?

That you eat too much? No way. It could be from oat bran. There are people who do not tolerate them. In addition, you should not eat grilled or boiled chicken. You have so many attack recipes that you can prepare. Look here on the site. It's a shame to deprive yourself of even stews in the attack.

Hi! You can season the baked chicken with the spices, they are allowed, garlic and add a little water or you can make a bag of baking paper and put it there with less oil. Try!

Hi, I kept the classic dukan, I lost 24 kg.

Good luck to you and don't forget to keep us informed.

I lost 48kg with the Dukan method. I should enter the consolidation phase. Can I continue with the new Dukan method for 2-3 weeks and then go straight to the stabilization stage?

Not. If you have reached this stage, you must keep the consolidation. And key diets.

Because I wanted to give another 3.5 kg (2 years ago I lost 12 kg with dukan), I said to follow the new method. And I did well in exactly 4 weeks I gave 2.6 kg. I like that I can eat fruit almost all week.
A little more and I reach the target
So go, found!

Good for you. Here it goes simple and easy. Spor further: *

I gave up the diet for a month and something & # 8230I want to resume it..does it still have the same effect? I lost 7 kg in 3 weeks without sports I kept strictly for 6 days of attack and then the cruise did someone give up and then resumed it?

There are other people who gave up and after a while resumed the diet. What do you want to keep, classic dukan or the new version?

Hi, I also lost weight with dukan classic 24 kg I have to play about 7 kg..I started on Monday today being Friday and it goes really well and it's much easier..I want to thank you for another village admin has been a great help to me.

hello & # 8230I want to keep the classic one & # 8230 there is still a month and 19 days until the wedding and I would like to give it another goâ & # 8230;

Hi. I would really appreciate it if you could enlighten me. 7 months ago I kept this diet only 4-5 weeks after which I gave up. I tried for 2 weeks to keep it but I can't. I think there are too many proteins for me, not that I would not like it, but my cholesterol is a bit high and age & # 8230. Please tell me if I can start directly with the & # 8221 nutrition scale & # 8221. Does it affect that I've tried before? what do you think? thank you in advance

Can I start with the attack period? I understand that only after a year will the attack resume again & # 8230 what do you think?

for ramika..after how long did you resume it? many kisses

I really like fruits and dairy. I am guilty of my pleasure. On days when fruit is allowed, can I eat only fruit and some protein?

Unfortunately no. You are only allowed one fruit a day. You must respect the proportions and quantities indicated!

Good evening. Thank you very much for everything you do for us. You are very helpful (to me and my daughter). Now I have discovered the new method and we would like to do it. We should start the second week of the cruise in which we did 3pp with 3pl. We have to lose about 15kg. What would be your advice? Thank you very much and a good greenhouse.

Good evening! How will it go so far? How did you lose weight? Do you find the classic version difficult? Do you miss the fruits?

So far I have lost 5kg (I am 45 years old) and my daughter 6 (22 years old). The truth is that we lack the fruits and the new method seems much more attractive to us. & # 8220trisat & # 8221 little cheese. I used feta cheese (defatted) to prepare a drob (very delicious).

Hi, are cherries allowed in this diet?

Hello. I want to start this diet too and I received some advice from someone who kept the classic Dukan and I don't know if it also applies to this diet, such as: you can also eat chicken skin and egg yolk ? is oil allowed (not necessarily in fried foods, but rather in salads or a little on meat when I put it in the oven)? Are energizers or zero glue allowed? Thank you very much!

No skin, yolk yes. olive oil & # 8211 1 lgt / day, cola zero yes

Hello .. just to clarify .. I can switch to the new version if I'm on a cruise. I still have to lose about 6 kg and it doesn't work, I've been stagnant for some time ... or to stay on the cruise, the classic method. (and I'd like to taste more strawberries, at least)

at the gala dinner on Sunday you can eat any food that is forbidden during the diet! that is, small or something else from the trade? Can you even eat a confectionery cake? Or should the gala meal also contain defatted foods prepared according to dukan principles?

Yes, you can eat whatever you want

I would also be grateful for an answer))
thank you very much

Catia you can switch to the new version to see how it works. There are several girls who have switched to this option. And since you don't have that many kg anymore, it's ok. But it will go slower (1-1.5 kg per week).

Super! Thank you very much for the answer. I've been on the new dukan diet for two weeks and it's a bit hard to lose weight, although I follow all the rules. I don't give up anyway! Am I allowed to smoke commercial mackerel in this diet?

I started this 15 day diet with my boyfriend. I have to lose 25 kg and he 40 kg. We were under attack for 7 days and now, normally, we are on a cruise. I lost only 3 kg (I started the diet in November, but I gave up after 10 days, because I only kept it and I couldn't cook it) and he lost 8 kg. Is it possible for me to give so hard because I tried the regime some time ago? Should I do something special to get better? Thanks!

Organisms are different. in addition, he almost doubles his weight, so he goes faster. patience and consistency.

I posted a comment last night but today I see that it is no more, but I will return in case of technical problems with my problem. I've been on the new dukan diet for 4 weeks and I haven't lost any weight in the last two. that is, in the first days I give a few hundred grams, towards the end of the week I take them back, maybe even over. I want to mention that I am very correct in what I eat, I did not cheat at all, I respect the principles, I only cook recipes from this site, there are even days when I skip fruits or wholemeal bread to lose weight faster. where is the problem at the festive dinner on Sunday I once ate pasta at a bar and an ice cream, and the following Sunday a kfc menu and an ice cream. That should be the problem, I understood that I was allowed anything and I don't think I exaggerated.
I would not want to give up, I am 1.75 and 73 kg. I would like to lose about 5 kg. why is it so hard for me?
I want to mention that I drink over 2 liters of water a day and go to the gym twice a week.
to switch to the classic dukan diet? what to do?

Hi. I don't know what to tell you & # 8230I know from the girls who hold her that they lost 1-1.5 kg per week, I haven't heard of stagnation so fast. Do you do the daily movement? Maybe you are even before menstruation & # 8230 If you say you follow the diet and see that you do not lose weight in the next week or the next 2 you can try the classic option. I'm really curious to tell you.

Hi, I also come with a question: is it good to keep the new diet if I want to lose about 5kg? I kept the classic one 1 year and a half ago, but I put back about 5 kg (because of me!)

Am I allowed to put borscht in soup in this diet?

If it doesn't have sugar or other forbidden ingredients, it's ok.

I started the doctor's new method.
I wanted to know if I can eat two slices of expanded wheat instead of two slices of bread starting Thursday?

The book does not write about such a possibility.

I know he doesn't write.
However, I will replace the bread with wheat slices (they contain wheat like bread).
A beautiful day.

I started the classic diet are in the 3rd day can I continue with the other?

I kept the classic Dukan a year and a half ago but left it two weeks after I got out of it. I lost 7 kilograms and had kept the attack 10. I have 83 kilograms and 1.61m. I understand that the new diet is for those who want to lose weight only up to 15 kg. At my true weight he says it would be 61. I want to lose weight more slowly because I have very big breasts (120cm in the bust and 85 under the breast) and I wouldn't want to get to my knees in 2 months. At an average of 1 kg per week, would you think that in 22 weeks I would lose weight there?

The rate of weight loss varies from person to person. You can lose even more than 1 kg per week and then it goes faster

ms for rasp., can I eat konjac on the day of pasta or even on other days considering that I am from a plant ?!

Yes, you can eat them. It is also consumed in the classic version since the attack.

Hi, I also have a question & # 8230.I have to start with the attack and the cruise and after the nutritional scale & # 8230 & # 8230.or I can start the diet directly with the nutritionssla scale.thanks

The nutritional scale is a separate diet. It is kept exactly as it is, starting with the first day of Monday.

Hi, I need some advice too. I started the classic diet in January and so far I have lost 26kg. I still have about 5 kg up to the target suggested by the test, but I can no longer physically stay away from the fruit. I was thinking either to go into consolidation and return to the cruise when the fruits pass, or to try this regime option. If I kept the classic variants with 1/1 alternation, will the nutritional scale work? I really need some advice because I would like to reach the target. Thank you very much!

There are several girls who have gone from cruise to Stairs and they are doing well. You can do the same. Find here on FB the group of girls who hold the Ladder

I kept the Dukan Diet and I lost 23 kg after which I had to give up the diet for certain reasons. I put back 10 kg after which I kept the Montignac diet for 5 weeks. During this time I did not lose weight but I did not gain weight. started now the new Dukan diet and I lost 1 kg per week.
It surprises me that I lose so much weight as with the classic one, especially because I did not take into account the amount of fruit eaten. (About one kg per day) I took into account the principles of the Montignac diet cheese and I did not eat fruits with high glycemic index and I did not eat starch.
Instead, as I said, how much fruit does it contain.
And I didn't even walk

One more thing: I didn't eat more than 2 yogurts a day and I didn't use sweeteners (as Monti says)
Instead, I ate a handful of dried fruits on fruit days to satisfy my craving for sweets, so I took Monti into account again, saying that fruits with a GI over 35 should not be combined with lipids.
I also made an overturned cake with apples with egg bran without sweeteners but with sweet yellow apples. A goodness
So I keep a combined diet that I see gives results. I'll keep it this week as well so let's see what happens

I have a question. I didn't see any information about wheat bran anywhere. Is the first tablespoon of wheat bran also allowed on the nutritional scale? Lunad things logically, if the same allowed foods are kept, the answer would be yes, but I wanted to check and I did not find any explicit information about it

Yes, 1 lg per day is allowed on a nutritional scale.

Hi! I have kept the new dukan diet so far and I am satisfied with the results. I still want to lose 3 kg, but I found out that I am pregnant. What do I do from now on? Am I allowed to keep at least some kind of stabilization? I think that if I eat normally I will gain a lot of weight. I don't even want to affect the child in any way.

Congratulations first of all. All you have to do from now on is to eat a normal PL in which to add carbohydrates from time to time, just like in stabilization. Everything will be ok if you take care of yourself. Easy task!

from July 4th I have SN and I lost 6 kg, I will go on holiday for a week at sea, on a Greek island, I only have breakfast and a lot of sun and heat and I really don't know how I will manage!

You will manage. Eat salads and lots of fish and it will be ok. Have fun!

Hi, after the diet test I need 3 days of attack, 84 days of cruising and 120 days of consolidation period, for 15kg of weight loss. My question is: I keep the 3 days of attack and start the nutritional scale up to 15kg, by far sports? Thank you very much.

There are 2 different diets. Attack followed by the classic diet cruise or Nutritional Scar that has no attack only on Monday with protein.

Now I'm clear and thank you. I will keep the nutritional scale until I reach the desired kg, respecting the diet plan and doing sports medicine bike. I keep you updated with my results.

Hi, can you tell me please, what results did you have with this diet? Thanks

I didn't keep the Ladder. But you can enter on facebook the group of girls who hold it and see the results

I came back with some details about me. I am 45 years old, 176cm and 91kg. I want to gain at least 15kg and now I will keep the nutritional scale doing sports. Thank you for your quick response and help with this site.

Good luck losing weight my dear!

Hi, I'm an old activist of the Dukan diet. I lost 14 kg in 2012 and I stayed for a year, when for health reasons, I gave up. and in a year I put them back :) Now it's the first day, on the nutritional scale. I will try this new option, because I miss the fruits a lot. I suffered a lot in the classic dukan due to the lack of fruits, especially physically, no matter how much water I drank and sports I did, it didn't help me at all & # 8230 I hope I go well with the new version God Help!

Good luck Viorica. If you stick to the ladder you can lose weight nicely!

Hi, I kept Dukan Classic for almost 3 months. I would change to the new version (I would also like to lose 4-5 kg).
But, I have some things that I did not fully understand. Are we allowed only 1 lg jum of oat bran? Do we consider wheat and psyllium bran to be tolerated? (because I make various bread recipes from bran or sweets and know how to make them from now on).
Book or some more information about the new method where I could find it? To better document myself.

I hope I didn't bore you very much and I hope to be able to lose weight with the new method.

Oat bran & # 8211 1 lg day / day. Wheat and psyllium bran are allowed 1 lg per day. Book only in French, English. More information gathered from the book here on the site or on FB on the dukan Nutrition Scale group.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the answer. I read everything I found here and I was enlightened
Now, all I have to do is lose weight

Hi. I would really appreciate it if you could clarify. 7 months ago I kept this diet, classic Dukan, only 4-5 weeks after which I gave up. I tried for 2 weeks to keep it but I can't. I think there are too many proteins for me, not that I wouldn't like it, but my cholesterol is a little high. Please let me know if I can start directly with the & # 8221 nutritional scale & # 8221. Does it affect that I've tried before? Who can give me an answer? I have to try to keep at least the attack period and then replace the others with the nutritional scale, or go straight. Thanks in advance!

It should not affect too much. The nutritional scale is lighter. Search the facebook group for similar experiences.

can soy be consumed as well?
In what day?

Write on Mondays about soy and plant products.

I have 10 kg. From October until now, with breaks, cheating & # 8230

I started the Ducan nutritional scale on May 3, 2015, at that time I weighed 68 kg (after a prednisone treatment and hydrocortisone hemisuccinate I gained an extra 15 kg) now I have reached 58 kg.

Regarding physical activity, did you strictly follow the Dukan scale or did you add more exercise? Thank you in advance.

Indeed the new method works !! I kept the classic dukan a year and a half, during which time I lost over 20 kg. I started the nutritional scale on February 9.2015, I lost 4-5 kg ​​so far, with cheating, with deviations. thanks for the ladder!

Congratulations Nicoleta. No cheating more data down I'm sure)

I am 55 years old and due to health reasons I can't do sports, I started to climb the stairs on April 10 (75.5) and, slowly, until today I gave up 6 kg from my backpack. I declare myself satisfied with my & # 8220performanceâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; xylitol) and I reduced the consumption of fruits, (in the sense that you no longer nibble 1 kg / day) & # 8230in the rest, all old: no fries, no fats, many salads, vegetables, poultry, fish, lean cheeses & # 8230In In conclusion, it is a permissive diet that can be followed by anyone, you just have to be patient with yourself!

Thank you Marina for telling us about your experience with Scara

From September until now 10 kg, it goes harder because I kept Dukan 2 years ago, but also because I didn't keep it completely like in the book & # 8230, that is, I didn't keep it for a week, I didn't take a vacation

Good evening, dear ones. As the founder of the Dukan Nutritional Ladder group (a group that the admin of this wonderful site talks about), I can also confirm that the Ladder works. Not only for me, but for almost 10,000 registered users in the group. If you stick to your job (and if you don't, we take care to make you keep up & # 8230) it's impossible not to succeed. I really had the courage to hope that I would break down the 15 kg barrier that Dukan expects to be able to lose weight with the ladder. I believe that the ladder teaches you, first of all, to become orderly in terms of meals. It teaches you how to deal with quantities, because in the end you will come to understand what a normal meal looks like. He lets you mess with a meal on Sunday. And if you shake your head too hard, the table we keep in the group brings you down to earth. Until you get used to it and it becomes normal. I could not have kept the ladder without this site, on the other hand. This admin here always had the understanding to give me the right recipes, useful tips (especially at the beginning) and he never got upset when I changed a recipe. So yes, the ladder works. But my opinion is that they work better together. ..

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Baked eggplant breaded with garlic and cheese recipe

  • Baked eggplant breaded with garlic and cheese recipe eggplants notched
  • How they are made eggplants au gratin, reddish and tasty, notched and filled with…

Eggplant fans in the oven JamilaCuisine YES: 15 BYE: 6 MOZ Rank: 22

  • Recipe of eggplants fans must be tried during this period
  • Eggplants are extremely cheap now and it's a shame not to take advantage of them and s

Divine eggplants, in the oven Răzvan Exarhu YES: 9 BYE: 31 MOZ Rank: 42

  • Eggplants divine, in the oven
  • It's best to digress from to fixed topic before tackling it
  • I'm worried I haven't seen the rape on Facebook this year
  • It went straight to to maci, to Sunflower
  • I hope we don't have a new problem in the country, because it's still hard for us.

Eggplant stuffed in the oven Turkish recipe İmam bayıldı

  • Eggplants filled in the oven, Turkish recipe ”İmam bayıldı ”, frying eggplants and preparation for filling
  • Once the 45 minutes required for the eggplants to soak in the brine salt have passed and they have been well fried, we turn on the oven and fix it. to 180 & # 176C.

Greek baked eggplant recipe! The delicacy with which YES: 14 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 68

  • Here are the ingredients needed for the recipe eggplant in the oven & # 238n traditional Greek style
  • You need: 1 kilogram eggplants (4-5 eggplants medium), 200 grams of feta or telemea cheese, 100 grams of cheese, 2 medium tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic, 50 ml of olive oil, a teaspoon of oregano, salt and pepper to taste

49 simple recipes for Baked Eggplant Craftlog Rom & # 226nia YES: 12 BYE: 34 MOZ Rank: 51

Eggplants Fan the Oven 2 eggplants 2 onions 2-3 tomatoes 200 g turkey ham 5-6 cloves garlic 4 tablespoons oil a few basil leaves 200 g mozzarella 1/2 link parsley salt pepper Recipe to

Eggplant & quotdumnezeiesti & quot in the oven YES: 13 BYE: 33 MOZ Rank: 52

  • I noticed this recipe a long time ago eggplant in the oven on Romanian blogs, but I only tried it a few weeks ago
  • I'm already addicted to them, I've had days where to we only eat half of it for dinner, so the "divine" eggplants are really delicious.

Baked eggplant recipe with mozzarella and cheese YES: 13 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 70

  • Put a layer of eggplants, tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheese and basil leaves
  • Sprinkle with a little olive oil and give to preheated oven to 200 degrees C 20-25 minutes until golden brown

Eggplant salad with baked eggplant YES: 16 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 74

  • RECIPE PREPARATION Salad eggplants with vinete coaPut in the oven: First we put the eggplant in a tray and give them to the hot oven to maximum for at least 60 minutes
  • We press with our finger on eggplants and if they are soft, then they are ripe
  • Cut the eggplants in 2, tilt the tray and let them cool and drain the juice from them.

Baked eggplant with tomatoes and parmesan YES: 14 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 73

  • Baked eggplant with tomatoes and parmesan - Ingredients for the sauce: 50ml olive oil
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic passed through the press
  • 2 canned (800g) finely chopped tomatoes Mutti Pulp
  • A tablespoon of herbs (oregano, basil, thyme) 200g grated mozzarella.

EGGPLANTS IN THE OVEN Maniac Chef YES: 15 BYE: 6 MOZ Rank: 31

  • Simple recipe for eggplant in the oven
  • Fasting or vegetarian recipe, delicious and very easy to prepare
  • If you liked this video, don't forget to subscribe

Baked eggplant meal

  • M & # 226ncare de eggplant in the oven - a fasting recipe for everyone's taste
  • Ingredient: 4 eggplants medium large salt 2-3 onions olive oil 3-4 cloves garlic 4-5 red parsley thyme bay leaves a few black olives salt pepper
  • Preparation: Wash and wipe the eggplant
  • Remove the tail, then cut the eggplant.

Eggplant with potatoes in layers in the oven YES: 13 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 75

  • Put the last layer of eggplants
  • Sprinkle the cheese mixture with mozzarella everywhere
  • Put the pot in the oven to hot, to 190 degrees
  • When a golden crust has formed on top, remove the preparation from oven
  • You can serve it simply, or as a side dish, with a salad, because it is delicious no matter how you eat it.

EGGPLANT in the oven with peppers and tomatoes - monastery recipe YES: 11 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 74

  • EGGPLANTS in the oven with peppers and tomatoes monastery recipe
  • Eggplants contain a lot of fiber and B vitamins (B1, B3, B6 and B9), vitamin K, copper, manganese and potassium
  • But they are very rich in antioxidants
  • They contain mainly phenolic compounds (caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid) and flavonoids (nasunin)

Baked eggplant with tomatoes and garlic

Eggplants with tomatoes and garlic in the oven My recipes One of the first things I ate in Istanbul last year was some eggplants with tomatoes that we liked very much - the ones that Miruna told us about in the article about the food that we liked in Turkey.

Baked eggplants with Gourmandelle garlic

  • Here is my recipe for eggplants roasted in the oven with garlic! Today it is about healthy and tasty food
  • Or about a light dinner - if you prefer
  • Today we will prepare a super tasty recipe for eggplants roasted in the oven

Eggplant stuffed with minced meat, recipe in the oven YES: 14 BYE: 49 MOZ Rank: 79

  • Eggplants stuffed with minced meat, recipe in the oven
  • We like all vegetables, and eggplant is among the favorites, of course
  • I don't miss them from home, I cook them in dozens of ways, I make all kinds of salads, simpler or more sophisticated entrees, garnishes or dishes, I keep them for the winter, I even put them in to pickled

Baked vegetables with garlic: eggplant, zucchini, peppers YES: 14 BYE: 50 MOZ Rank: 81

  • vegetables in the oven with garlic: eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, a simple and tasty recipe that can be served as such or as a side dish to any kind of meat or fish
  • Written recipe and step by step video
  • vegetables in the oven with garlic: eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes
  • I like cooking in the oven, put everything in the pan, season and ready.

Eggplant rolls with baked cheese with peppers and green onions YES: 10 BYE: 39 MOZ Rank: 67

  • Rolls of eggplants With cheese in the oven, fragrant and delicious. I would never refuse a portion. With or without garnish, I love them. How to make delicious rolls of eggplants With cheese in the oven? Recipe for rolls eggplants With cheese in the oven is a quick and easy one and the rolls of eggplants they are delicious and fragrant

How to properly bake eggplant on the stove or in the oven YES: 15 BYE: 28 MOZ Rank: 62

  • Washed and dried, the eggplant is placed in the tray oven, on baking paper
  • Prick from place to place with a toothpick and leave in oven at least 50 minutes, depending on size
  • When they are ready, we test them by pressing, then we leave them for a while to cold.

Baked eggplant au gratin vegan recipe

This version of eggplants gratin in the oven with tomato sauce is much healthier & # 238but at least to just as tasty, if not tastier, with ingredients exclusively of vegetable origin. Vegan recipe for eggplants au gratin is ideal for those who can not digest dairy well or have intolerance to lactose. It is also a gluten-free recipe (if we omit

Baked butterflies with eggplant and yogurt sauce with Feta cheese - Recipes

Also from the Mistery box challange category, at the August edition hosted by Gina from Pofta buena, I came with home made ravioli.

I love pasta and if they are fresh and better. In the same way when I make pasta I use egg, but it is possible without it.

For 2 servings I used:

150 grams of pasta flour that I mixed with a drop of salt and enough water to obtain an elastic dough. After all the flour was incorporated, I formed a ball, wrapped another in food foil and cooled for a hour.

I advise you to prepare the filling while the dough is cold and then to have time to cool so that it is not put hot over the dough.

For the filling we used:

2 matching eggplants
1 zucchini
1 small garlic clove
3 tomatoes
2 mint twigs
blue salt
lemon flavored olive oil

I peeled the eggplant and zucchini and then cut them into cubes. I also cut the tomatoes into cubes.
In a pan I put the oil and garlic cut in half, then I added the zucchini, eggplant, mint sprigs and tomatoes, I let it soften.

At the end, I threw half of the garlic, I took out the mint sprigs and I passed what was left. I seasoned.

I set it aside and spread out the sheet

With the help of a teaspoon I put piles of cream on the edge of the sheet, leaving a few millimeters at the edge and between the cream. I superimposed the sheet then I cut the squares, and with the help of a fork I glued the edges.

My recommendation is to let them dry a little before you put them to boil.

I boiled the water and added salt when it starts to boil. The ravioli are boiled for 4 minutes, compared to the dried pasta, the freshly made ones, which are ready faster.

While I was cooking the pasta, I made a semi-sauce, which was actually a foam, but since everything was done in a hurry (as is my life lately, always on the run), it came out more liquid.

In order for the foam to come out, it is good to be at room temperature not hot.

I infused mint and basil leaves in almond milk (50 ml). Almond milk is very easy to make, but I will tell you about it in another post.

After they were in the milk, I boiled the leaves, then blended them. As I said, when the liquid is at room temperature, a very nice foam comes out.

After they cooked the pasta, I drained them, then I put them in a hot pan where I browned some almonds.

Information about Greece »Travel tips in Greece

Greece it is a country made up of a continental part with numerous bays and peninsulas (the Peloponnese, a peninsula connected to the mainland by the Corinthian isthmus) and an island part (about 3,000 islands in the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and Mediterranean Sea). The most important islands of Greece are Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Zakynthos. Greece is the ideal place for family trips. It represents much more than what I learned at school or what I admired in the photos with wonderful sunsets and golden sand beaches. Unforgettable holidays await you with family or friends. Visiting this country, you will be in a land full of colors, located at the intersection of several civilizations. You will feel the power and charm of history and the warmth of the inhabitants of this fairytale country. Choose from the multitude of trips and offers in Crete, Santorini, Thassos, Zakynthos, Rhodes, Corfu.

Greece is the birthplace of democracy, philosophy, the Olympic Games, literature, historiography, political science, some of the most important scientific and mathematical principles and drama.

The Aegean Sea witnessed the birth of some of the most developed ancient European civilizations (Minoan and Mycenaean), but also of some of the greatest tragedies: the disappearance of the Minoan civilization following the tsunami caused by the eruption of the volcano in Santorini. The first city-states of the world were also created here, and the level of development and prosperity they reached allowed the flourishing of sciences and arts, but also the creation of an authentic democracy in Athens. The influence of the currents of thought developed in ancient Greece was felt later in Rome, they were taken over by the Renaissance and are still a reference today. Is it history that calls us to Greece? Or rather islands scattered like pearls in the waters of the Ionian and Aegean seas? Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Paros, Naxos and Rhodes, with their beautiful beaches, restaurants, nightlife and archeological sites, have been popular for decades. Lesser known islands such as Sifnos, Lesvos and Kea can be an ideal destination for those who want a romantic holiday away from the noise of the world.

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: It is located in the South of Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula, it borders the Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey, it is approximately between the parallels 35 ° 00′N and 42 ° 00′N and between the meridians 19 ° 00′E and 28 ° 30′E. It has a total area of ​​131,957 km2, the land occupies an area of ​​130,647 km2, the area occupied by water is 1,310 km2, and the length of the coasts is 13,676 km.

RELIEF: Greece consists of a continental part with numerous gulfs and peninsulas (the Peloponnese, a peninsula connected to the mainland by the Corinthian isthmus) and an insular part (about 3,000 islands in the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea and Mediterranean Sea). The most important islands are Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and the Dodecanese and Cyclades groups. Greece has about 15,000 km of coastline. About 80% of the country's territory is mountainous or hilly, making Greece one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. Wetlands and wetlands are found in western Greece. The central mountain range of the country is represented by the Pindus Mountains, with an average height of 2,650 m. The chain continues with the islands of Kythera and Antikythera, to Crete and Rhodes. The Aegean islands are peaks of the underwater mountains that represent a geological extension of the chain.

Western and central Greece contains steep, high areas, intersected by numerous gorges and other forms of karst relief, the best known being Meteora and Vikos Gorge - the latter being one of the largest in the world, the second deepest after the Grand Canyon, with 1 100 meters. In the Olympus chain is the highest point in Greece, the Mytikas peak, with an altitude of 2,919 m. In the north of the country is another mountain range, the Rhodope Mountains, on the border with Bulgaria. The area is covered by vast, centuries-old forests. The plains occupy larger areas in the north, especially in eastern Thessaly, central Macedonia and Thrace.

CLIMATE: The country's climate is mild. There are 300 sunny days a year. In summer, rains are very rare, and in winter storms are frequent. The best time to visit Greece is the end of March - the middle of June or September - the end of October. The ideal conditions to visit Greece are between the Easter holidays and mid-June, when the beaches are not very crowded, and the weather is ideal for lying in the sun. The same conditions are found between the end of August and the middle of October. Greece's climate is mainly Mediterranean with mild and humid winters and dry and hot summers. This type of climate is present in all coastal areas, including Athens, the Cyclades, the Dodocanese, Crete and the Peloponnese, the Ionian Islands and parts of central mainland Greece. The Pindus Mountains strongly affect the country's climate, with areas west of the mountains being considerably wetter on average (due to higher exposure to westerly winds that bring moisture) than those east of the mountains (due to a rain shadow effect.

The mountainous areas of northwestern Greece (parts of Epirus, Central Greece, Thessaly, Western Macedonia) as well as the central mountainous areas of the Peloponnese - including parts of the regions of Achaea, Arcadia and Laconia - have an alpine climate with abundant snow. The inland areas of northern Greece, central Macedonia and eastern Macedonia and Thrace have temperate climates, with cold and humid winters and hot, dry summers marked by frequent storms.Snow falls annually in the mountains and in the north of the country, but sometimes occurs in lower areas, such as Athens.

CITIES: Almost two-thirds of Greeks live in urban areas. The largest and most influential metropolitan centers of Greece are Athens and Thessaloniki, with metropolitan populations of about 4 million and one million inhabitants, respectively. Other cities with an urban population of over 100,000 are Patras, Heraklion, Larissa, Volos, Rhodes, Ioannina, Chania and Chalcis.

CULTURE: The culture of Greece is very rich and diverse, being influenced both by its location, at the junction between east and west but also by the many occupations endured by the Greek people throughout history. Greeks are proud of their culture and country, presenting them with great passion and identifying in culture a definition of their national and ethnic roots. Traditions, religion, music, language, food and wines are the majority composition of Greek culture. It is well known that Greece is a space of mythological stories and legends that bring to the fore fabulous deities and events, oracles, heroes and monumental intrigues. Therefore, a good part of Greek culture is reflected both by the oral and written existence of these stories, but very strongly by their physical incarnation, in architectural pearls, such as pantheons, temples, necropolises and other places of worship. Religion is an important aspect for the Greeks. About 97% of Greece's population identifies as Orthodox. The love for music and dance, fun, food and drink is not ignored at all. The business is also an important aspect of the culture here, the Greeks being famous traders, but also extremely hospitable hosts. Many Greeks are also superstitious. Like the Romanians, I believe in the eyes, which they also heal through the color red.

ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION: From the Kallikratis program, which reformed the administrative-territorial organization of the country as of January 1, 2011, Greece is divided into thirteen regions further divided into 325 communes. The 54 former prefectures and administrations at prefecture level have been largely retained as subunits of the regions. Seven decentralized administrations group from one to three regions for administrative purposes. There is also an autonomous region, Mount Athos (Greek: Agio Oros, "Holy Mountain"), which borders the region of Central Macedonia.

tourism: A significant percentage of Greek national income comes from tourism. The vast majority of visitors from Greece in 2007 come from the European continent, numbering 12.7 million, although the majority of visitors of a single nationality are from the United Kingdom (2.6 million), closely followed by those from Germany (2, 3 million). In 2010, the most visited region of Greece was Central Macedonia, with 18% of the total national tourist flow (3.6 million tourists in total), followed by Attica with 2.6 million and the Peloponnese with 1.8 million . In 2010, Lonely Planet ranked Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki, fifth on the list of the best party cities in the world, compared to other cities such as Dubai and Montreal. In 2011, Santorini was voted "the best island in the world" in Travel + Leisure. The neighboring island of Mykonos ranked fifth in the European category.

TOURIST SPOTS: Athens: Acropolis, Parthenon, National Museum, ancient theater Epidavros, Delphi, Mycenae - the house of King Agamemnon, Temple of Nike, Acropolis Museum, Temple of Olympus. In the Islands: Limenas Archaeological Museum, Kallirachi Folk Museum, Vaghis Museum in Skala Potamias, Limenas and Alyki Archaeological Sites, Potos Castle, St. Pantelimon Monastery in Skala Sotira, Archangel Michael in Alyki, Archontiko Argyrou Museum, Akrotiri Site , Franco Castle, Venetian Walls and Fort, Morosini Fountain, Loggia, Church of St. Minas, Meteora, Chora Castle, Glezos Tower. Thessaloniki: Platia Elefterias and Platia Aristotelous, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Roman Forum in Dikasterion Square. Rhodes: Monte Smith Hill, Palace of the Knights of St. John, Butterfly Valley.

TRANSPORT: The mountainous and rocky landscape has prevented the modernization of roads and railways, but they have improved in the last 20 years. There are 2,650 km of railways and 5,500 km of roads, of which over a quarter are unpaved. Olympic Airways is an international airline, and the Greek navy is the second largest in the world, accounting for almost 10% of the world's tonnage. The main ports are Piraeus and Elevsis, near Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos.

TRAVEL WARNINGS: Greece is a country with a low crime rate. Minor offenses such as pocket theft, fraud or car theft can occur in crowded areas (stations, stations, parking lots, shopping malls, gas stations or highway service areas). It is recommended that personal documents and valuables, travel tickets and money or credit cards be kept in a safe place and not be visibly exposed to the person or car. Cars must be locked and secured with alarm systems. In the case of travel by bus or train, it is advisable to pay attention to luggage throughout the journey.

HOW DO WE GET THERE? In Greece, almost 40 cities have their own airport. From Bucharest there are flights to several of them, but especially to Athens and Thessaloniki. The low-cost offers come from most airlines that offer services in our country. An alternative to the plane remains the train, which connects Bucharest with Thessaloniki and Athens. The set can be taken from Bucharest, with a Balkan Flexi-Pass ticket, worth about 80 euros, valid for 15 days for 5 trips. Approximately 80 lei would have to be paid for the bunk. Departure takes place around noon, arriving in Thessaloniki in the morning around 07:00. From here you can take another train to Athens, where the road takes a few more hours. Greece can also be reached by bus, but it is quite a long and tiring journey, depending on the chosen destination. The personal car remains the alternative chosen by many of the Romanian tourists heading to the Hellenic Republic. Beyond Romania's southern border, the only country that needs to be crossed to reach Greece is Bulgaria. No vignette is needed for Greece, while crossing the border into Bulgaria via Giurgiu will ease the tourist's pocket of the bridge tax and the vignette tax on Bulgarian territory.

MORE INFORMATION: In Greece, the usual credit cards (VISA, DINERS, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, EUROCARD, JCB) are accepted. ATMs are installed in most cities, in public places. Most shopping malls and restaurants accept credit card payments. Traveler's checks and euro checks, issued by recognized banks, can be exchanged at all Greek and foreign banks, including large hotels. Most banks are open from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Friday. Work schedule of public institutions. Greek restaurants and taverns are open daily from 12.30 to 16.30 and from 19.00 to 00.30. Fast-food restaurants, some of them work 24 hours, the others without interruption from 07.30 in the morning until 01.00 at night.

Cafes and bars are open daily from 08:00 until late at night. Shops, Monday and Wednesday, from 09.00 to 14.30, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 09.00 to 13.30 and from 17.30 to 20.30. Saturday from 09.00 to 14.00. The shops in the center of Athens (especially the tourist regions: Plaka, Ermu Street, Kolonaki, Omonia Square and Constitution Square), shopping malls work daily from 09.00 to 20.00, except on Sundays.

Food in Greece

Greek cuisine is an explosion of fine, simple and well-defined flavors. It is a Mediterranean cuisine that boasts a wide range of vegetables, olive oil, cereals, fish, wine, beef, beef, poultry, rabbit and pork. Important ingredients include olives, cheese (the most recognized being Feta), lemon, herbs such as oregano and thyme, homemade bread and yogurt. The most used cereals in Greek gastronomy are wheat and barley. And when it comes to dessert, Greek cuisine is the paradise of gourmets and lovers of healthy sweets. Most desserts revolve around fruit (juicy or peeled), honey and "filo" pastries. Greek cuisine is heavily influenced by Ottoman cuisine, offering foods such as baclava, tzatziki, gyros, moussaka, dolmades (spiced rice noodles, wrapped in vine leaves), yuvarlakia and keftethes.

Greek cuisine has a long history and is known for a wide range of healthy dishes, either grilled or baked, but whose flavor is difficult to reproduce even by the world's great chefs. That's because everything starts from the arid land. Being the southernmost country in Europe, mainland Greece and the islands generally face an ideal Mediterranean climate for agriculture and viticulture. Its location in the Aegean Sea also provides direct access to fresh seafood, over 10,000 years old. How can you not like it? Due to these factors, the entire Greek gastronomy can be summed up in a few words: fresh, simple, tasty and healthy. Traditional Greek food is characterized by high quality ingredients, fresh herbs and well-kept family recipes. Greek cuisine is one of the healthiest and best rounded in the world's classic cuisines.

Meze (Greek appetizers)

Meze is the abbreviation for "mezedes" - small delicacies considered appetizers, with which the Greeks begin their feast and which they associate with local wine or traditional ouzo. They are simple dishes, brought in small bowls, hot or cold, spicy or fresh. They can include seafood such as grilled octopus, garlic bread, kalamata olives, beans, grilled vegetables, melitzanosalata, taramosalata, fried or grilled cheeses called saganaki, made from cow’s goat cheese. Among the most common "mezedes" are:

Tzatziki - It is made with Greek yogurt, cucumbers and garlic. It is served with pita (Greek bread, similar to lipia) and can be used in salads, as a meat sauce or sandwich.

Skordalia - & # 160 potatoes, parsley, garlic and olive oil. A tasty puree that can be served with cooked vegetables, pita or fish. On National Independence Day, the Greeks serve it with beets and cod on the grill.

Dolmades - rice noodles, with fresh herbs and spices, in vine leaves. They are often served on a plate, along with other mezedes, before the main course.

Kolokythokeftedes - or pumpkin meatballs. They can be served in the form of balls or bars. But no matter how they are brought to you, these pumpkin balls or biscuits are simply delicious. They usually consist of grated or crushed pumpkin, mixed with fresh herbs such as dill or mint. I go perfectly with tzatziki.

Squid (fried squid) - you can find them at every fish tavern. Some recipes include marinating squid in ouzo. The result: soft on the inside, crispy on the outside. Yummy

Octopus - the octopus is extremely common in any tavern. Whether grilled or marinated, the octopus is a Greek dish that you should try, no matter what city or island you are on.

Fava - or pea puree. A healthy dish, full of protein and low in fat. It is the basis of the Greek diet.

Saganaki - Saganaki cheese is 100% Greek. It is a fried kefalograviera cheese, served with lemon juice and eaten with bread. One of the best appetizers you can try. & # 160 & # 160

Taramosalata (caviar salad) - along with tzatziki and dolmades, this is probably one of the first culinary delicacies you think of when you say Greece? Prepared with fish caviar, olive oil, lemon juice, onion and bread, taramosalata is truly delicious.

Traditional Greek food

After traditional meals, Greece delights you with even more flavors and traditional cuisine. Depending on your destination, traditional Greek dishes can range from mullet and fresh octopus to pork and grilled lamb chops. While the islands enjoy access to fresh seafood throughout the year, the northern Greeks consume a little more red meat and pork. But remember: in each destination you will eat something different, regardless of whether the period is the same. and that's because the taverns only serve fresh, seasonal food, prepared with food from nearby farms. That is the beauty of Greek cuisine. As popular Greek dishes everywhere in Greece are:

Greek Musaca - You can find variants of moussaka in all destinations in Greece. But Greek dishes are based on stratification: eggplant, fried minced meat, onions, garlic and spices, such as cinnamon and legumes, a potato and then cheese and bemamel sauce. Worth a try.

Souvlaki - the famous grilled meat spikes. Souvlaki is still Greece's favorite fast food, as is gyros. Everything that comes bundled (meat with sauces wrapped in pita) is delicious and highly appreciated in everyday Greek cuisine. A menu contains goat or pork, pita, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki. At the tavern, taste the lamb. It's a delicacy.

Over - I arrive in Greece, choose a tavern for lunch and eat as the locals do in ancient times. Fresh fish and squid from the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea are incredibly tasty. And if you try them with "ladholemono" (lemon sauce and olive oil), it's a real treat. Smaller fish, such as barbounia (mullet red) and maridha (whitebait), are lightly grilled.

Choriatiki (Greek salad) - we are missing from any meal. Choriatiki is made from tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and a large piece of feta cheese. It will be brought to you without dressing, and you will match the sauce to your taste. You will have olive oil, lemon, vinegar, salt and pepper at your table. Don't salt or pepper it too much, but try its natural taste. Greek vegetables have a much more intense flavor than ours.

Gyros - the cheapest and most traditional Greek cuisine. Roast meat wrapped in pita with onion, salad, tomatoes and tzatziki. It is impossible that he arrived in Greece and did not eat the traditional gyros at least once. For some, it is one of the main reasons why they return to the Greek land every year. & # 160

Yemista - a traditional Greek recipe for tomatoes stuffed with rice and various herbs, sometimes with & # 160 minced meat. There are countless variants of Yemista throughout Greece, which is why we recommend you try it on every island you step on.

Panic - Greek pie with spinach. It is a traditional, internationally recognized recipe. The pie is delicious and can be eaten at any time of the day. The Greeks usually eat it in the morning, with goat yogurt. It is prepared with feta, butter, olive oil and traditional Greek filo dough.

Pastitsio - baked pasta with beef and bemamel sauce. This delicious dish can be enjoyed in any season. Greek food is served with mixed lettuce, topped with wine vinegar and virgin olive oil.

Greek desserts

Revan - It is a very popular dessert, with nuts and lemon flavor. This juicy cake is sweetened with a simple orange-scented syrup. It is not a too sweet dessert and yet it is absolutely delicious.

Yiaourti Me Meli - In short, honey yogurt. An easy delicacy to prepare, with an addictive aroma. Yiaourti Me Meli is a healthy combination of Greek yogurt, wildflower honey and nuts.

Pastels - a stick of honey and sesame seeds. Depending on the destination, they may have nuts, almonds or pistachios instead of sesame. It works wonders for tea or as a snack, when you feel the need for something sweet and healthy, in the classical style of the Greeks.

Loukoumades - small fried dough donuts, sprinkled with sweet syrup, nuts and cinnamon. A fluffy delicacy for which Greek cuisine deserves five stars. Absolutely delicious. & # 160

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Avgolemono: an egg and lemon sauce, used for meat and fish dishes. It is sometimes served as a separate soup.

Baklava: a delicious and common dessert found throughout Greece, Turkey and Eastern Europe, tasty pastries, decorated with nuts and sprinkled with syrup

Barbounia: goldfish, which is often grilled. It is a seasonal dish, which few have had the chance to try.

Steak: a popular Greek dish in all destinations of the country: beef burgers, stuffed with cheese

Brizola: is the name for beef steak

Domatokeftedes: roasted tomatoes, a Santorini specialty. Contains basil and mint tomatoes.

Beans: the general name of the soup. the name refers to the types of bean soups. Recommended for vegetarians as a meal. They can often be accompanied by beef or chicken pieces.

Galactobourre: a traditional Greek dessert with wheat cream in a thin dough and covered with a sweet syrup

Halloumi: an appetizer of goat and sheep Cypriot cheese, served fried, along with a lemon.

Kalamari: fried or grilled squid, along with lemon and tzatziki sauce

Carabid: homar spiny

Keftedes: meatballs with beef, seasoned with garlic and fresh herbs

Kleftiko: lamb stew cooked over low heat with garlic, lemon and herbs, served with potatoes

Kotopoulo: chicken preparations

Koulourakia: A sweet pastry cake made with vanilla extract and butter icing.

Magiritsa: lamb soup, which is traditionally eaten at the Easter table

Makaroni me kima: pasta prepared in Greek style. Or, better yet, the Greek version of Bolognese spaghetti

Melitzanosalata: fried eggplant salad, served cold and eaten with bread

Octopodaki: an authentic Greek dish consisting of grilled octopus tentacles, served with garlic

Ouzo: aniseed-flavored alcoholic beverage mixed with water. She sips slowly over a meal

Pastitsio: baked lasagna with layers of beef, pasta, bemamel and cheese

Psari: a name that refers to any type of fish. Say "fresh" if you want fresh fish

Saganaki: a kind of salted cheese, & # 160 common throughout Eastern Europe. It is served with toast or in a plate with seafood, with a rich tomato sauce.

Sardines: fried sardines and served whole. It is a seasonal food.

Spanacopita: crispy spinach rolls, wrapped in filo pastry and baked

Choriatiki: tomato salad, cucumber, feta cheese and olive oil. Some restaurants also add peppers, olives and onions.

Yemitsa: baked peppers, tomatoes, eggplant or zucchini, stuffed with minced meat and rice. & # 160

Culture in Greece

Greece is considered the cradle of civilization, is one of the richest European countries in terms of history and also one of the most beautiful and popular holiday destinations in the world. The lively spirit of the locals, their kindness, friendship and openness to the people, regardless of the nation, are qualities that represent Greece and cacre illustrates their rich and tumultuous past. & # 160

Greece, or Elláda (as the authentic Greeks call it), is one of the richest countries in Europe historically. It has a population of over 11 million inhabitants, with over 90% Greeks, and a third of them are found in Athens, the capital of Greece. It is a beautiful country, with a rich culture and a varied nature, boasting about 6,000 islands, over 200 of which are currently inhabited. The country's climate is Mediterranean, with mild winters and hot summers, only in some regions, such as Central Macedonia, there is a temperate climate with colder winters and hot summers and frequent storms.

Local culture and languages

Even though in the tourist areas you hear English spoken more than Greek, the country's official language is Greek and is spoken by the vast majority of the population. Other languages ​​spoken by minorities here include Albanian, Turkish (one of the most recognized minority languages), Bulgarian and Russian. As for the languages ​​of international circulation, in Greece you can hear English, German, French and Russian being spoken quite often. English has been adapted by the younger population, especially in rich areas and tourist destinations. & # 160

It is a well-known fact that the Greeks are proud of their cultural heritage, which dates back thousands of years. Greece is considered the cradle of Western civilization, the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy and, last but not least, the birthplace of the Ancient Olympic Games. Originally, they were called "Olympic Games" (Olympiakoi Agones) and consist of a series of competitions, organized in an arena, in various cities of ancient Greece. The first such competition took place in 776 BC. in Olympia, Greece. They were organized until 393 AD, when they were abolished by the Roman emperor Theodosius I. Greece was also the first country to participate in the modern Olympic Games, an event it hosted. It is also one of four countries that took part in all the Summer Olympics. & # 160

Greece is also proud of a rich literature, drama and historiography. The country was an important scientific center, contributing to the development of mathematics, physics, medicine and linguistics. Today, Greek literature and theater are still strong, even though many of them are not very well known abroad. As for the development of civilizations, Greece is proud of one of the oldest civilizations of its kind: the Minoan civilization, which developed on the island of Crete around 3650 BC & # 160

Religion in Greece

And religion is an important aspect of Greek culture, an integral part of everyday life. Here, Christmas is considered an important holiday, but Easter is the biggest and most important of all. In the period before Easter, many Greeks choose to submit to Lent (or Sarakosti), a period of 50 days of religious fasting. Holy Week is of major importance, followed by Easter Sunday. A special day, full of Christian significance, in which the lamb is roasted and many other traditional goodies are shared at the table with the family. The church also plays a vital role in daily life. The Greeks are known for their lively, partying spirit. Attending weddings, baptisms and funerals is very important, even for young people who do not take part in the religious service. Among the Greek people, family values ​​are the most important. They are the basis of society in Greece, with the family playing a role in most aspects of life. They help each other and provide financial and emotional support whenever needed. & # 160

Formalities and customs in Greece

The Greeks are known for their hospitality and relaxed attitude. Two essential qualities that immediately show you their formalities and habits. In Greek, when you first meet someone, it is common to allow a person to introduce you to the conversation. A firm handshake is the best greeting. And good friends and those who have known each other for a long time can even hug and kiss each other on both cheeks. Don't be surprised if a Greek enters your personal space, assaulting you with questions, hugging and joking in an extremely open way, which many would consider too personal. It is a special, open and simple way to approach people and create new relationships. Greeks love to make jokes and find out about their country from foreigners. & # 160

If you are invited to a Greek home, remember that punctuality is not a priority. You will notice this in almost all of their daily actions. They will never set a fixed time, but they usually say “come around the time. ”. And the clothing depends entirely on the occasion. For an invitation to coffee, the outfit is definitely casual. For a dinner invitation, you need to dress nicely, but not formally. And in this case, it comes with a small gift, such as sweets from the local bakery or a bottle of wine. Upon arrival, thank the host for the invitation and compliment the house. You will be appreciated. & # 160

Expect many and varied discussions at the table. The Greeks see dinner as a great opportunity for socializing. Be careful, refusing food is considered rude. If you have to refuse a preparation, tell the reason and the host will understand. Requesting an extra portion will delight the host, this being considered a compliment to their culinary skills. During the meal, guests are considered part of the family, which means that they can and should eat or at least try all the dishes. At the end of the meal, offer your help to wash the dishes. You will be rejected, but also appreciated for your kindness. & # 160 & # 160

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Baked butterflies with eggplant and yogurt sauce with Feta cheese - Recipes

A long time ago, to be about 4-5 years old, I was watching "The Naked Chef" in Romania with Jamie Oliver. It was on TVR 1 or 2. I barely knew it at the time
boil an egg. But that's another story :) So, one of the recipes that stuck in my mind was this with the whole chicken in the oven, with lemon and rosemary.
About a year ago, I got the cookbooks written by Jamie. I fixed 3 pieces! But I did not find in any of them the exact recipe, as he had presented it on the show when he was young, and he was growing his herbs on the windowsill. There are two similar recipes, Delicious Baked Turkey (Let's cook with Jamie), respectively super tasty Spanish fried chicken (At the table with Jamie), but they are not exactly what I wanted. So I made the chicken from memories, and it turned out delicious!

I used:
- a whole chicken
- a butter pack
- fresh rosemary
- a lemon
- dried thyme (fresh would be better, I did not find at the store)
- 2 cloves of garlic
- potatoes and onions

I cleaned the potatoes (I hate this, you can see from the pictures) and I boiled them in boiling water with lemon for about 5 minutes.
The idea with lemon is that it will be inserted inside the chicken and will release its delicious juices during baking, helping the chicken to cook faster from the inside.

In a bowl, mix the butter with the rosemary, thyme and crushed garlic and make it like a paste.

The chicken is dried with napkins on the outside and inside. It is easily salted. Be careful not to break it, peel the skin off the chicken and put the mixture of butter and herbs under it.
Put a little of the mixture inside the chicken and then, with the rest, grease on the outside. Cut the lemon in half and put it in the chicken.
I also added a few sprigs of rosemary inside.

Place the vegetables in a suitable tray, in my case the potatoes and onions. Place the chicken over them.

Place in the oven, preheated to 220 degrees Celsius. Jamie says he should stay around 1 hour and 20 minutes. From time to time check the chicken, sprinkle it with the juice that will form, turn it on the other side, sprinkle and turn the vegetables.

1. Cut the pulp or leave it whole, depending on the size (not to confuse the lamb pulp with the ram's one which is bigger and redder), grease it with oil and massage it with marjoram, pepper and salt.

2. We clean the vegetables, slice them and form in a tray, a dish of embarrassment, a saucepan, a bed that we season with coriander crushed in mortar, rosemary and salt. Among the sliced ​​vegetables we score with sliced ​​garlic cloves. Various spices can be used according to everyone's taste and pleasure. Over the vegetable bed we put 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil.

3. Place the lamb leg on the vegetables and put a cup of water. Wrap, cover the bowl with aluminum foil and simmer in the oven for a little over an hour, depending on the size of the leg. After 30 minutes, remove the tray and turn the pulp, cover again and put in the oven. In the last 20 minutes, remove the aluminum foil.

Garnish with green parsley at the end.It is usually accompanied by garlic and green onions and for digestion, with your favorite wine.

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