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countertop cocoa: Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar and mix until it melts. In another bowl mix the yolks, butter (soft), milk, rum essence, flour mixed with baking powder and cocoa. Add the egg white foam and mix with a spoon until smooth. Divide the composition into 2, bake the tops one by one (in the same tray lined with baking paper) until they pass the toothpick test, about 25 minutes. Let it cool very well.

Rock pandispan: Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar, mix until it becomes a shiny and hard foam. Add the yolks one by one, mixing well after each one, add the flour mixed with the baking powder, lemon peel, essence and mix with a spoon until smooth. Pour the composition into the tray lined with baking paper (the same tray on the brown top). Put in the preheated oven until it passes the toothpick test, then let it cool.

Cream: In a saucepan pour the milk, then the sugar and put on the fire. When it starts to boil, add the dissolved starch with a little milk, stirring constantly until it thickens. Let it cool a bit and then add the butter, lemon juice and mix. Let it cool very well.

Assembly: In the tray in which we baked the tops we put 1 cocoa top - 1/2 of the cream, we grease the pandispan top with jam on both sides - the rest of the cream - the second brown top sheet. Refrigerate for a few hours

Melt the chocolate with the butter and glaze the cake.

10 unique recipes with baking soda

Provided that there are enough reservations in the medical world about the role of the universal panacea attributed to baking soda, the excessive use of which is clearly contraindicated - "Consumed in large quantities can be deadly!", says doctor Daniel Nicolae, director of the Ambulance Service Prahova), we present below 10 unique recipes in which the "main character" is the usual white powder that can be found in any boutique at the exorbitant price of 65 bani and the 50 gram sachet.

Baking soda decreases flatulence and bloating

Such unpleasant "phenomena" mentioned can be mitigated by the use of baking soda in the cooking process of the vegetables that cause them, such as cabbage, beans or cauliflower.

Baking soda eliminates tartar and bad breath

A teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water and then used the resulting solution to rinse the mouth, gargle repeated 4-5 times works wonders in the fight against tartar on the teeth (which can lead to periodontitis!) And, implicitly , bad breath (halena). Its alkaline character is what allows baking soda to neutralize the acidity in the mouth (the cause of many dental diseases), which occurs naturally after any meal.

Baking soda removes the feeling of "heavy legs"

How many times has it happened that at the end of a day you have swollen feet and feel, as the people say, "heavy legs"? A solution of baking soda, 2 tablespoons in 3 liters of warm water, can be a remedy with unexpectedly fast effects. Sit with your "heavy feet" in the water for at least half an hour, relax reading a book (not with your eyes on the TV!) And the feeling of heaviness will disappear.

Baking soda fights candida

Washing with baking soda - 4 teaspoons in a liter of warm water - alleviates the itching and abundant secretions caused by vaginal candidiasis (infection with the fungus "candida albicanis") that can occur after intensive treatment with antibiotics.

  • CAREFUL: do not overdo it with baking soda because they can cause an imbalance of the vaginal flora! A 24-hour wash, preferably before bed, is sufficient. Do not repeat the treatment for more than 3 days!

Baking soda lowers the fever

Along with feverish conditions, a substance called interleukin appears in the blood, secreted by white blood cells to increase immunity, the body's ability to defend itself, but whose immediate effect is lack of appetite! The effect of this… effect is that we prefer liquid foods, soups, soups, juices, which are indicated for the elimination of toxins. Especially fruit juices. The most suitable would be a lemonade from the juice of a lemon in a liter of water, in which you add sugar to taste (no more than 2-3 teaspoons!), A knife tip with… salt and the same… yes, you guess, baking soda! You will definitely feel better!

Baking soda relieves skin irritations

Superficial burns can be relieved with a one-liter solution of water in which you dissolve 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Even better is a baking soda paste (it can be found at any pharmacy or you can prepare it at home with a double dose of baking soda to which water is gradually added and rubbed to the consistency of the paste), which buffers problem areas . It reduces stinging and, in addition, the part of the skin treated in this way is protected from bacteria, protected by baking soda.

Baking soda attacks colds

Rinse your stuffy nose with a saline solution made in a cup of lukewarm water in which you have dissolved a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of baking soda and you will be able to breathe easier immediately. Gargle with warm water and baking soda (2 teaspoons baking soda in a glass of lukewarm water) for sore throat. Drink a glass of warm milk in which you have dissolved a teaspoon of baking soda and you will get rid of any cough, no matter how annoying.

Baking soda "washes" conjunctivitis

Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of warm water, soak a cotton swab and wash your eyes with smooth, light movements without pressing too hard.

Baking soda gets rid of… itching!

Half a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water will help you treat yourself against insect bites. Wash the sting 4-5 times a day and the inflammation will go away. In addition, baking soda will protect the stung spot from germs.

Baking soda cleanses your warts

Grease the warts 3-4 times a day with baking soda paste mixed with castor oil and apply a dressing on top. The treatment should be done for two weeks, take a break for a week and resume for another two weeks.

"Since the time when drugs were prepared by a pharmacist, based on a precise prescription, baking soda has been quite widely used. It has always been known as an excellent gastric bandage, due to its ability to neutralize acid secretions in the stomach. Given that it is strongly alkalizing, it was also used in dermatology, one of the most common uses being in the treatment of oral mycoses, by gargling with bicarbonate solution, which changes the pH of the mouth " - Marius Călinici, internist

Smart assistance. Anywhere. Anytime.

At the heart of it all is Bixby 2.0, the smart assistant that connects you effortlessly with your Samsung devices, inside and outside your home. Bixby 2.0 is the central hub of your IoT ecosystem that evolves to better understand you and anticipate your needs.

Grandma's traditional recipes

You have always admired the mastery and culinary talent of the chefs in the TV shows and you have always wanted to be able to work wonders in the kitchen with them. Now you have the opportunity, only here, at Recipes Traditions from Grandma!
Discover the most delicious dishes made according to the recipes from your favorite show, "Traditions from Grandma", from National TV! Choose the desired recipe and cook at home with us! Enjoy the most delicious traditional dishes to the sound of authentic Romanian folk music!

Mackerel plaque

Prepare with us a recipe for Mackerel Plate - a recipe presented in the show "Traditions from Grandma".

Shit boats

Prepare with us a recipe for Barcute with shit - a recipe presented in the show "Traditions from Grandma".

Zucchini stuffed with cabbage

Prepare with us the recipe for Zucchini stuffed with cabbage - a recipe presented in the show Traditions from Grandma.


Prepare with us the recipe for Trigoane cu nuci - a recipe presented in the show Traditii de la grandica.

Scrambled cake

Prepare with us the recipe for Scrambled Cake - a recipe presented in the show Traditions from Grandma.

Peppers stuffed with mushrooms and greens

Prepare with us the recipe for Peppers stuffed with mushrooms and greens - a recipe presented in the show Traditions from Grandma.

Fasting cake with blackberries

Prepare with us the recipe for Fasting Cake with Blackberries - a recipe presented in the show Traditions from Grandma.

Spinach and nettle pie

Prepare with us the recipe for Pie with spinach and nettles - a recipe presented in the show Traditions from Grandma.

Syrupy martyrs - saints

Prepare with us the recipe for syrupy martyrs - a recipe presented in the show Traditions from Grandma.

Cauliflower pudding and smoked fish

Prepare with us the recipe for cauliflower pudding and smoked fish - a recipe presented in the show Traditions from Grandma.

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Home appliances - our devoted "friends" in the daily routine

Imagine at least one day in your life without any appliances! In the morning without the coffee machine, electric kettle and sandwich maker. Lunch without the magic microwave. Or dinner without all the amalgam of kitchen appliances that help you cook, store products and wash dishes. And if you start cleaning, it would be practically impossible to miss the devoted vacuum cleaner for a long time! Nowadays, the purchase of appliances for the kitchen and home is no longer just a fad, but a vital necessity, able to make our household chores easier and bring us the highest level of well-being and comfort.

Today, tech manufacturers amaze us with innovations and technologies, which turn the daily routine into an interactive and interesting process. All you have to do, in order to take advantage of the latest technologies of the time, is to equip your home with the right technique. And in order not to get lost in the endless offers for premium, middle or budget appliances available on the market, the number one step is - to take into account your main needs. When we talk about needs we refer to the main actions of the daily routine, which you need to perform as efficiently and quickly as possible. E.g:

  • To clean. Here a vacuum cleaner with a bag, with the function of wet cleaning or even a robot vacuum cleaner can help you, which can do everything for you.
  • Cook more special dishes, such as desserts, exotic recipes. For this you need all kinds of small appliances, for food processing but also high-performance technique for thermal preparation.
  • Ensure an optimal temperature / humidity, with the help of air conditioners, regardless of the weather outside.
  • Take care of your body's well-being, even at home. A necessity especially for female representatives.

Each of us already has a lot of this technique at home. But over time, they wear out or newer models appear, and with them the desire to renew our existing appliances. Do you want to upgrade your old appliances? Enter comes to your aid with practical recommendations for choosing the technique: types, advantages, manufacturers, but also the place where you can find them all, at the most advantageous prices.

TOP 5 indispensable appliances in any home

The list of useful appliances in the house can be very complex, depending on the specifics of each family. However, there are some must-have devices that should not be missing from your home, if you want to make the most of comfort, save time and enjoy the possibilities that the modern world offers us. Here they are:

  1. Large appliances. This category includes: refrigerator, hob + built-in oven or stove (a more budget option), hood, dishwasher. Here you can choose between two options: built-in or independent appliances. A kitchen equipped with all these appliances is a real delight for any housewife. And cooking or washing dishes will no longer become a torment, but a simple and easy process.
  2. Home care appliances. Mega useful in the daily routine of housewives are also household appliances, which help us to always maintain order in the house. The must-have list includes: washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, iron or ironing system and cleaning / maintenance items.
  3. Air conditioners. The comfort in the house is also brought by the air conditioners, able to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity in the room, both in summer and in winter. Here we can list: air conditioner, fan, air humidifier, water heater and heaters (convector, electric oil heater, air heater, infrared heater).
  4. Kitchen technique. This category includes small appliances, which help us in food processing, thermal preparation and preparation of hot and cold drinks. Thus, in a modern kitchen can not miss: the blender, meat grinder, mixer or food processor, sandwich maker, waffle maker, toaster, microwave, electric and bread, electric grill, multicooker or hob. And of course, beverage appliances, such as: water filter, coffee maker, kettle, espresso machine, coffee grinder and juicer, for those who love fresh juices. The list is a bit long, but you can be sure that each of the appliances listed is worth the investment.
  5. Personal care appliances. We end the list with devices that help us always look good, even when we are at home. Among the most useful personal care devices are: hairdressers (curler, hair straightener, rotary brush, hair plate, dryer), razors / hair clippers (epilator, trimmer, shaver, hair clipper), but and other health items (scales, electric toothbrush, thermometer, tonometer, etc.).

All together they make our lives easier, help us save space and free time, but also to efficiently perform household chores. However, we must not forget that the performance and efficiency of an appliance depends primarily on its quality and functionality. And, opting for luxury appliances, which usually require slightly larger investments, you can be sure that you have the highest productivity, quality and maximum comfort, ease of use.

Stop bothering with old appliances. Come to Enter to renew yourself advantageously

For some time now, the Enter store chain has also completed its range, with high-tech appliances, for home and kitchen. In our stores, but also on, a huge assortment of Home and Kitchen equipment is waiting for you, from all price categories. We collaborate with home appliance manufacturers, such as: Bosch, Miele, LG, Hansa, Gorenje, Whirlpool, Samsung, Sharp, AEG, Ariston, Zelmer, Zanussi, Hausberg, Hotpoint, etc. In addition, shopping with us brings you many advantages, benefits. By choosing Enter you have:

  • Quality home appliances from world-renowned manufacturers
  • The widest range of discount appliances and advantageous promotions
  • Free consultation. Our online consultants are willing to answer any questions regarding the products in our web catalog, but also to help you with tips, so that you can decide more easily with the model that suits you best.
  • Possibility to buy appliances in installments
  • Warranty / service directly from the manufacturer
  • Free delivery in Chisinau, all of Moldova.

Feel the maximum performance of modern appliances, together with Enter.

Current offers

Have you moved to a new house or maybe you just want to replace the old kitchen appliances? Or can you consider the organization of the office important and you don't want to miss the supplies and accessories? Regardless of the situation, at Kaufland you can find offers to your liking for small appliances and office and stationery products. We invite you to discover them all.

Full HD TV

Full HD LED TV. Exceptional resolution.

Take high definition to the next level with Full HD. Offering a clearer image with increased brightness, superior contrast and realistic colors, the Full HD screen will further enhance your TV viewing experience.

Pixel Plus HD. Clear images, regardless of source.

The Philips Pixel Plus HD processor optimizes image quality to provide clear images with good contrast. So whether you're streaming content online or watching cable TV, you'll get clearer images with brighter white and more intense black.

Bowl mixer, PEARL

The PERLA bowl mixer is designed for mixing ingredients in a wide variety of foods, from egg whites to egg whites. A powerful 600W 7-speed motor is great for everyday use and can mix even the thickest cake batter. The planetary mixing action provides complete coverage of the vessel. Bowl volume: 4 L

  • Short description
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  • Availability in stores

The PERLA bowl mixer is designed for mixing ingredients in a wide variety of foods, from egg whites to egg whites. A powerful 600W 7-speed motor is great for everyday use and can mix even the thickest cake batter. The planetary mixing action provides complete coverage of the vessel. Bowl volume: 4 L

The Delimano Perla Stand mixer is designed for mixing without the aid of m & acircin for a wide variety of foods, from airy egg whites to sticky dough. A powerful 600W motor is excellent for daily mixing and can handle even the thickest cake batter. The planetary mixing action provides a complete coverage of the bowl - the mixing head is sharpened while rotating completely inside the bowl, allowing a better mixing than traditional 2-purpose mixers. There is no need to stop and scrape the ingredients from the edge of the bowl.

7 speed levels and a special & icircti adjustment function offer maximum versatility and precise control at every speed.

Adding ingredients during the preparation of a recipe is easy - the head is tilted for access to the bowl or you can simply insert additional ingredients through an opening specially designed for protection against splashing, which protects against disastrous leaks, drops and spills. The anti-slip base keeps the mixer stable during use. Accessories include a flat plate, dough rack, wire mixer and spatula. The 4.0L stainless steel bowl with splash protection provides an elegant note to the device.

Choose the perfect TV for you

When it comes to choosing the right TV, size matters. Use our useful computer below to find the right TV for your room. A larger screen will give you the most captivating experience, and with our slim designs, you don't have to compromise on space.

Screen size calculator

Understanding screen resolutions and technology

HD TVs are LED backlit screens, OLED models have self-illuminating pixels, which turn on and off individually. This means you get deeper levels of black and a fuller viewing angle, which gives you a very realistic picture.

Ultra HD technology is usually called 4K and gives you 4 times the Full HD resolution. All our 4K TVs are Ultra HD Premium certified, which means that each pixel is fully colored for a truly realistic image.

Full HD offers a resolution of up to 1080p, which increases the number of pixels per inch compared to HD Ready, for improved image quality and superb streaming quality.

HD Ready gives you a 720p resolution. This number helps you understand the pixel capacity of your screen. Most TVs are now HD Ready, giving you a good viewing experience - ideal for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and kitchens.

TV Buying Guide

Let's understand what it means to improve the image

Our High Dynamic Range technology enhances color contrast, making black deeper and white brighter.

TRU Micro Dimming technology improves contrast by focusing on all different regions of the image.

More colors for a more realistic image, so no matter what you watch, we make sure it looks the best it can.

* For demonstration purposes only.

* For demonstration purposes only.

* For demonstration purposes only.

Understanding the smart TV

Smart TV has evolved a lot if before it only had apps that allowed you to watch the latest movies and TV shows, now you can control your TV only with your voice - everything from increasing or decreasing the volume to changing channels and finding content. Plus, with our Android and Toshiba Connect ranges, you can explore more, whether you want to check the weather, search for recipes, or play your favorite music. Simply choose between Alexa or the Google Assistant.


Let's understand the sound and the sound bars

All our 4K TVs are equipped with speakers designed by Onkyo and Dolby Audio, for a rich, clear and powerful sound. But if you want something extra, we have a range of sound bars that perfectly complement your TV.

Select Country

Disclaimer: Google, Google Play, YouTube, Android TV and other trademarks are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Assistant is not available in certain languages ​​and countries.

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You may also be interested in: Father Iustin Pârvu: Prayer in 10 words that saves us from stress, trouble and problems and brings peace of mind to the depths of our soul! Let's say it every day! This is:

Father Iustin Pârvu says that the prayer he talks about can save us from the stress and worries we face daily, it helps us gather our thoughts and brings us closer to God.
The prayer we are talking about is called the Prayer of Jesus. Let's read it and say it!

"Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."

This prayer was and is the supporting wall of the Church, the defensive wall of Christians. Because in every Christian lives a church…

Prayer can help us gather our thoughts and ask for the Lord's help from the bottom of our souls.

Prayer can be said anytime, wherever we are, because it is said in peace of mind, in the depths of our souls.

The Father said that “according to the diligence of each one, God will bring down His holy grace into our hearts.
Why are spiritual books no longer read, now that more and more books are being printed?

God will hold us accountable for not reading. We have no right to say that we did not know when we are in trouble and we are moving away from God does not exist we did not know, but we did not want to know.

Because there are so many books of the Holy Fathers in which you can find advice for any problem you may have. We complain that we no longer have skilled rulers and clergy, but we do not see them living in books that we do not read.

The time will come when we will no longer have the Holy Scriptures and we will long for a word in Scripture and we will not find it. Take and read the lives of the saints and the teachings of the Holy Fathers, that the time will come when you will not find them again.

Mothers read a chapter of Holy Scripture to their children each day. Let us not lack the Scripture, for in it we find eternal life. ”

See here how Father Cleopa Elijah reveals to us the four ways in which we can reconcile and accept ourselves!

The ignorant man - the easiest gain for the devil

People are more informed, but even this information, you don't know what to do with it, it confuses you. People put the book on TV, but the TV makes the person stop thinking, take all the information ready, without getting involved with the mind. Youth must be saved from the influence of television, which exerts a kind of training on young minds. Here is the fault of the parents, of the teachers…! The devil takes the ignorant on his side faster than the man who knows how to ask questions, who knows the parable of Christ, who knows a prayer.

Father, are people smarter today than they are 50 or 60 years ago? Wiser? Did the trials of history make them wise or bewildered? Bookstores are full of books, but buyers are rare. Instead the pubs are full…

Yes, people are more informed, but even this information, you don't know what to do with it, it confuses you. People put the book on TV, but the TV makes the person stop thinking, take all the information ready, without getting involved with the mind. Is that what he said on TV? Well, that's the way it is, it means it's true…! Reading a book is like a walk to a certain place, you have time to see, step by step, everything around…!

Youth must be saved from the influence of television, which exerts a kind of training on young minds. Here is the fault of the parents, of the teachers…! Diavolul îşi ia mai repede de partea sa pe ignorant, decât pe omul care ştie să pună întrebări, care ştie pilda lui Hristos, care ştie o rugăciune, care poate să spună o vorbă înţeleaptă din Pateric.

Sursa: Adrian Alui Gheorghe, Părintele Iustin şi morala unei vieţi câştigate, Editura Credinţa Strămoşească.