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Red O Restaurant Starts Street Food Social Hour

Red O Restaurant Starts Street Food Social Hour

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The Los Angeles Mexican restaurant will launch its new social hour beginning May 23

Rick Bayless' Red O Restaurant will begin hosting a recurring social hour beginning May 23. The restaurant hosted a very successful street food social hour on Cinco de Mayo and will continue the event every Tuesday through Saturday evening.

From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., the restaurant will offer various food and drink specials, including $2 oysters, $6 guacamole, and $12 Street Food Trios and Tostada Trios.

The specials also consist of $8 specialty margaritas, some $7 wines, and $5 craft beers.
"Red O's brand-new Street Food Social Hour is a way for guests to enjoy tastes of items on our regular menu in a social, relaxed setting," Bayless says.

The Melrose Avenue restaurant features a variety of Mexican and "California-style" food by chef Rick Bayless, who hosted a PBS series called Mexico — One Plate at a Time, and was a winner of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters.

"The Street Food Social Hour menu showcases items from our recently launched Mexican Raw Bar and Ceviche menu, such as oysters and a selection of our ceviche, as well as classic favorites, and specials on our cocktails, beer, and wine," said Bayless. To whet your appetite for Bayless' Mexican flavors, check out his ultimate guacamole bar.


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